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Frodo once said, “I wish it need not have happened in my time.” Time is such a wondrous and mysterious thing, shows the true value of us, but it becomes creepy when realized the guilt of not taking an essential decision in our past. Anyhow, most of us regret at least once in our lifetime- if I could do this, something better might could have happened or something similar to this. This is the worst yet almost invincible show of time which someone indulges in.

Mine, five years younger self is just a 13 years old child; who has a similar mindset like any other normal child of this age group, wondering about comical characters, not worrying much about future. As an experienced boy, the only suggestion I would give to the younger me is ‘Dream big’! It will set the framework and will explore the limitations of practicality.

It will be wrong if I say dreaming big is just a habit, moreover, it’s a matter of perception; thinking capacity, will power and perhaps more. It is the fundamental step of getting ‘real success’ and dreaming big will be more advantageous, if one becomes conscious from a young age only. Here, my younger self might wonder, “How can I think big?” Which is the kinda obvious thing? So, here’s one more simple suggestion from an experienced one. Just make a legend, your idol from the field of your passion and follow him!

 The main reason for practicing this at an early age is that very much time goes into planning and implementing philosophies on the real ground and one should start this as early as possible.


Subroto Mukherjee - A young, aspiring, zealous writer

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