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Affirm the World your professional identity through Linkedin

Do you remember the days of the early ’20s, when people usually found jobs on newspaper advertisements and radio?

Comparing today’s time, it was like traveling miles without any vehicle. But on 5th May 2003, it was a revolution when Linkedin came in an option of the common man, truly changed the concept of the ‘Finding Job’. An idea making of social networking site specifically for professional and business purpose now has over 570+ million users.


Linkedin was founded by Paypal Mafias (co-founders of PayPal). The only objective of Linkedin ’s co-founder was to remove the barrier between job seekers and hiring small and large companies. It is an obvious and accurate place to showcase your skills, education, and experiences. You, with the help of Linkedin, can connect with your colleagues and business associates without spending any money. However, a premier account is needed to communicate with other seeking employers one on one to get a worthy job for yourself. Among all the social media platforms, with more than 260 million active users, Linkedin is the most social networking site for job searching, generating business leads and reconnecting your ex-colleagues too.

Some basic and primary points to use Linkedin:
1. You can join and create a basic account by simply adding a verified e-mail, at no cost. But, there are some charges for premier accounts which have many benefits over a basic account.

2. After signing up, you can add all your detailed information about your work, education, skills etc. Moreover, it’ll be your CV which will be visible to everyone and you can be easily found.

3. You can also change privacy settings so that your bio can be hidden from selective.

4. You can search for business associates, colleagues, and companies, to follow or get connect with them.

With the uniqueness in the whole market, Linkedin is constantly increasing more trust and awareness day by day, all around the world by helping many entrepreneurs, professionals and companies to achieve their desired destinations.

It is just a myth that” due to a lot of crowds, one can’t get or even apply for a good job.” The only thing which matters is your true and charismatic resume, which can be admired by everyone. Research conducted in 2017 states that around 40% of Linkedin user earns more than 75,000 dollars per year, which is obviously a decent amount of money for anyone. You should place your identity in front of the whole world.


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