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Reviewing Ashwin Sanghi's The Krishna Key

I have been planning to write a blog on how poorly researched in Indian fiction nowadays. Most of the authors are drawing from their own life or environment. And its a sheer co-incidence that the wonderful people at Blogadda sent me this book - The Krishna Key by Ashwin Sanghi for a review.  This book is rich in research and has a depth that is amazing. The writer has made an enormous effort and it has not gone unnoticed. I just wish that more Indian authors follow the suit. So that is the prime selling point of this book. I now go back to the start of it. From where, all impressions of books start for us. At least for me.  I don't know what it is with  the people at Westland, they come up with some great and always bluish covers. This one, too is brilliantly designed, with white and golden embossing on the cover. Since I mentioning the name of the publisher here, I must add that in just few years, Westland has catapulted itself at the top among the best of the publishers in our

The Car Accident by Simranjeet Kaur

This entry won the first prize for Hope Library's Short Story Competition, 2012 ________________________________________________________________ The Car Accident This is the true story of my life. And this is the most tragic story of my life till now. One day, we were very - very happy as it was Sunday. We all were excited as we were going to a picnic. At that time, we were living at Moga. So, we were getting ready for the picnic. I was the most excited than my other family members. So at 8 o' clock in the morning, we were at home and we got ready for the picnic. At last, we locked out home, and then my papa started the car. I, my mother and my two sisters got into the car. I and my younger sister sat at the back and my mother and little sister sat in the front seat. And my papa was driving the car. We were so happy, that I can't tell. But who knows that what will happen after a second also. If there is anybody who knows it then that is God only. We were talking to each oth

Ghost of Paradise

This story bagged the third prize in 2012 Short Story Competition NAME                                :     Kashish Batra                                                                                         CLASS                               :         VI-C SCHOOL’S NAME               :     Sacred Heart Sen. Sec.                                                                              School, B.R.S Nagar, Ldh           ABOUT MYSELF I am of 12 years; Like to play games, read books and study. My ambition is to become a pilot. My idol is “Kalpana Chawla”. I am fond of reading comical books and storybooks, which lead to some morals and give moral values.   I have written this story in a conversing way. So that the reader don’t get bore and finds it interesting to read as in a way they are conversing to someone or some grandma types telling them the story.                                     ____***____                         GHOST OF PARADISE July 2,the day we were packing our bags


Changes and Choices are like bread and butter. Go hand in hand always. There is a big change happening. So what you do? Other than wishing for bucketful of ice creams and good TV? You make choices. I say, that's quite a boring task. But not one you can escape very easily. Even if we escape ( and we do that often) changes and choices have a habit of catching up. And then they whisper in your ears pakkad liya (caught you). I am highly uncomfortable to changes, however good or bad they might be. I know I know, one has to put up a brave face and deal with the cards, dealt by fate and blah blah. I may not read self motivation books, but I get the message. Two literary masterpieces define this dilemma of changes and choices like etchings on granite. Sadly both were written centuries ago First one is that poem Robert Frost wrote. I shall be telling this with a sigh Somewhere ages and ages hence: Two roads diverged in a wood, and I, I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all th

An autobiography of an old dog

The following is a story that was sent to us by Kritika a student of Second Heart Convent Senior Secondary School, Ludhiana. This story was adjudged to be the second best among all entries. Read on and do comment in. ___________________________________________________________________________ My Story Hello friends 'woof, woof'. I live in front of the house where they call me 'barbie'. Interesting, though I don't have a name, I'm a street dog, you see! Now, I've grown old but can never ever forget my childhood. 'Hey there's my boy, my grandson.' Hey! Do you know me? No? Come I 'll tell you! It all started in a small city Ludhiana ....... 'Hey, here ! Down here'. 'Butterflies, birds, .... ! 'Hey listen, I'm a very curious pup so you'll have to adjust. The thing is, I don't fight.Strange. We are a small family yet happy, of 2 brothers me and Harry. My little cute sis Gweni is always complaining about Harry. Coming to

Annual Short Story Writing Competition 2012

In August this year, Hope Library organized an inter  school Annual Short Story Competition. The dates fixed were between the first and the last Friday of August. We  thought that any creative process should not be rushed through harsh deadlines. So we ensured ample of time for school children to lay back, think and write their best. We received an overwhelming response, and it was no easy task to judge the best entry. The chief objective of setting up this competition was to create a platform for budding writers to showcase their talent. The entries were judged on four broad parameters. Originality, presentation, vocabulary and freshness of content.  It is on the basis of this criteria we concluded our decision on the winner of this competition. Simranjeet Kaur's  The Car Accident is this year's winner of our Short Story Competition. She is from Guru Nanak International School, B.R.S. Nagar, Ludhiana Kritika from Sacred Heart Convent School, Sarabha Nagar has bagged the second

Tips to prevent teenage cervical cancer

Teenage is meant for studying, enjoyment, lots of masti and fun and frolic. No person in his or her teenage would want to live with fear of cervical cancer or any other life-threatening ailment. Though in recent years, large number of people in teenage have got badly affected with this dreaded disease. But fret not! Check out some preventive steps that can be taken right from teen age to lower the risk of getting affected by cervical cancer. • Quit smoking: To prevent teenage cervical cancer, one should quit smoking and tobacco based products. These substances increases the risk of cervical cancer many folds. Movies and media have undoubtedly glamorized smoking but one should not get tempted and get involved in such awful habits. The risks of getting involved into these habits are deadly. One should also stay away from passive smoking also as it also proves very dangerous for your health. • Sexual intercourse: Abstinence from sexual activity also lowers your chances of cervical ca

The Fight for opposition space in India

Over the decades after India gained independence, the political choice of the country remains firm. It is the Indian National Congress that they want, just like Russians and Chinese love their Red parties. The fact that the INC has the media dangling from its pockets like loose change cements its position in the Indian political theater. Add to that, love for royalty among the ordinary folks who still live in the times of rajas and maharajas. But what is going for Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is that his lust for power is so great that he is playing the crony capitalism game quite well. Corruption is at its peak and the corporate India which is benefiting from this, is overwhelmingly supporting Dr. Singh. Take the example of how telecom companies conspired in the 2G spectrum scam. Or, new age leaders like Nandan Nilekani, leading dubious projects like Adhar, gulping down crores of taxpayer money. So INC is at comfortable advantage. Problems are arising now for oppo