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An autobiography of an old dog

The following is a story that was sent to us by Kritika a student of Second Heart Convent Senior Secondary School, Ludhiana. This story was adjudged to be the second best among all entries. Read on and do comment in.

My Story

Hello friends 'woof, woof'. I live in front of the house where they call me 'barbie'. Interesting, though I don't have a name, I'm a street dog, you see! Now, I've grown old but can never ever forget my childhood. 'Hey there's my boy, my grandson.' Hey! Do you know me? No? Come I 'll tell you! It all started in a small city Ludhiana .......

'Hey, here ! Down here'. 'Butterflies, birds, .... ! 'Hey listen, I'm a very curious pup so you'll have to adjust. The thing is, I don't fight.Strange. We are a small family yet happy, of 2 brothers me and Harry. My little cute sis Gweni is always complaining about Harry. Coming to my mom & pops (father), my dad was the chief head of our society, Gokuldham Society. But unfortunately, humans. The ultimate source of death, murder. Same was the case or tragedy with my brother. We were playing and, and ..... rest you know. 'Even if, we are dogs, we still have a life, a family, a feeling !' oh lets forget it. Coming to Gweni, she ...... obeyed me, only me!

We were on a tour, a picnic indeed and mum warned us not to wander about far, but my sis followed a pretty girl...... where was she? ....... yes, she was lost. A chill went down my back. The history about my mum is a real tragedy. She was murdered on spot for meat....Disgusting. Well now I am old and can only lie helplessly. To save myself, I ran fast, faster,  very fast indeed. Into the fields, the grape fields, I felt hungry but didn't stop. I kept on running. Suddenly, I stopped, was I on road? I thought catching my breath. "Hello is there anybody? Woof woof.' Am I in the heaven with my family or am I in the hell with the humans! I suppose in hell as I can see some humans, mini humans (boys) swinging a wood, a rubber ball, oh.......
ridiculous. I say it is a colony, I'm not dead 'yippee, yippee!'  But what to do & what not to? 'OMG' so many confusions.

'Ouch'! I felt a small hand catch hold of me, trying to pick me up. As I was about to cry I saw him face to face, and was stunned to see the love in his eyes.'He is an alien,' I'm sure.



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