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A legal mess called Ayodhya, serving as a political potpourri

I am made to believe that few hours from now, a judgment regarding the Ayodhya title suit case would be declared to the Country. Hopefully, justice shall be done. But what is more important, is the question. Whether Indians would learn any lessons out of this holy mess they have generated? Fried with healthy dose of politics of pseudo secularism, spiced by the unfair reporting by the Press, slowly cooked by the Judiciary for more than 60 years. I, the follower of Lord Ram, feel that my God has been insulted. Thoroughly. You divided the country for the sake of power on communal lines, fine, but to drag Gods in the middle of the street and use it for I don't know what, is bad. Very very Bad. History, points out to the fact that, Babar, the Mughal Emperor, in an attempt to escalate his power, demolished several Hindu Shrines and built Mosques on it. Many of chroniclers of this fact belonged outside India and were not even Hindus. Some evidence has even come to light, which i

The Chutki Girl

I don't know whether I would ever write an autobiography or not. My business mind reminding me always, a hard core fact that very few people would be interested in it and those probably already would know all about my life. Or, at least whatever I want to tell of it. But their is one incident, carved in my memory that I would always find important to include in any book about myself. Here it goes. Few years ago, on a breezy night, I had gone for a walk with a friend. He wanted a cigarette for himself and I decided to get a meetha paan for myself from the same place. So, while we were about to approach the Pan Shop, a girl comes in front of us, begging for money. Not interested in encouraging begging on the streets, we shooed her away. The girl in question, I still recall was about 3 or 4 feet in height, and I don't remember her face, hence I cannot estimate her age. Nevertheless, we can say that she was a kid. At the shop, as we were ordering the stuff we needed, this
चाहने वाला हूँ तेरा, देख ले दर्द ज़रा; तू जो वेइखे एक नज़र कारा लखान दा शुक्र सोहनीये! देख तू कह के मूझे , जान भी दे दूंगा तुझे; तेरा ऐसा हूँ दीवाना, तुने अब तक ये ना जाना हीरीए !!! --------------------------------------------- आ सोनी तेनू चाँद की मैं चूड़ी पहरावा, मैनू कर दे इशारा ते मैं डोली ले आंवा !!!

Is you tube the next blogging platform?

Is you tube taking over as a blogging space? I wonder this, because in past few months I am really enjoying a lot of time on you tube. And I found that, a lot of experiences that you could write here, or rant about stuff here on our blogs, you can do it on you tube, with more fun and more spice. People are using their handy cam and video cam and web cams to record while they rant off stuff. Also, at many a times the personal moments, that you could later blog about, can now be video graphed and immediately pulled up on you tube. So actually, the same thing we do on blogging, we can do now on you tube and more. For, while you are speaking or narrating, you can add up a lot more than you are writing. But their is a lot of featured or dramatized ranting and story telling too. Balaji telefilms recently launched bol niti bol, a series of videos where a young girl talks about her life. There are too many English versions of such concepts too. Like lonely girl 15. One that I really like is th

How much do we pay as taxes?

I always believe that a business mind never rests. Even on a holiday. So I spent my Sunday, trying to figure out how much do we pay as taxes in India and what is the ROI (return on investment) of that amount that we are paying. To cut a long story short, my calculations tell me, that a middle class Indian can pay over 50% of his/ her income in taxes and never even know about it. The return on this investment, can be seen with the standard of living in India and the kind of facilities Indians get. My maths is bit weak, so I won't indulge in a jumbo bumbo of numbers. Still I can assure you that you lend your Govt about 50% of what you earn. Taxes are levied by the Central Government State Government Municipal Corporations/ local bodies All this to make a World class India, with world class highways to cruise on which, incidentally you need to shell out a toll tax. Almost everything that you buy, has a tax. It is a heady mix of excise, VAT, customs duties etc etc. All services render

Management of Financial Institutions

Use of financial plans and budgets Forecasts, or long range plans are necessary in all the firm's operations. This forecast of financial requirements is used to draw up the strategic financing plans during the planning period. In addition to the long range planning, the financial manager must also make accurate short run forecasts to be sure that funds will be available to meet seasonal and other short - run requirements. The financial manager would have calculated the key financial ratios to show both his actual and his projected financial positions for the banker.

Feelings on a reunion at School

The other day, a friend informed about reunion happening at our alma mater. The internet is a forest land and in the jungles of Facebook, news was spreading around like a wildfire. And it was yet another occasion to stop work and feel nostalgic about school life. The good and the bad of it. I always try to look upon the positive side and I feel, if not very happy memories, my school did grant me a lot of knowledge. I learned a lot. And I would be always grateful for the education and knowledge that my School gave me. But as much I try to push away the not so pleasant memories, a few embarrassing moments, some memories I am uncomfortable with, to date, all these do come back. It is like being aware of the tiny specks of dust on your desk, but you chose to ignore it, feeling you would take care of it, at later stage. Or you wipe clean it, but still it rushes back, the next day. In the midst of these fuzzy thoughts and unending nostalgia, I see a very obvious question. Should I attend th