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A legal mess called Ayodhya, serving as a political potpourri

I am made to believe that few hours from now, a judgment regarding the Ayodhya title suit case would be declared to the Country. Hopefully, justice shall be done. But what is more important, is the question. Whether Indians would learn any lessons out of this holy mess they have generated?

Fried with healthy dose of politics of pseudo secularism, spiced by the unfair reporting by the Press, slowly cooked by the Judiciary for more than 60 years. I, the follower of Lord Ram, feel that my God has been insulted. Thoroughly. You divided the country for the sake of power on communal lines, fine, but to drag Gods in the middle of the street and use it for I don't know what, is bad. Very very Bad.

History, points out to the fact that, Babar, the Mughal Emperor, in an attempt to escalate his power, demolished several Hindu Shrines and built Mosques on it. Many of chroniclers of this fact belonged outside India and were not even Hindus. Some evidence has even come to light, which is categorized as Archeological evidence.

The Indian media, partisan it is, always pins the blame and shame on the Hindutva forces, especially the BJP for raking the issue for their own gains. What they never tell us, is that the case itself came much much before 1992, when the mosque was demolished by a hyper-charged mob.

The first case regarding the dispute of land came up in the year 1885, when the British ruled our country. In the year 1950, yet another case was filed in the courts and another in 1959.

What else the Media hides from us, behind its Hindutva bashing ideology? They don't tell us, that the Indian National Congress, deliberately never felt interested enough to solve the case, when they could have, being the party in power at the Centre. Instead, Rajiv Gandhi in order to gain Hindu votes, ignited the Ramjanambhoomi Movement by getting the gates of the Mosque unlocked and allowed Hindus to install an idol of Lord Ram inside and pray upon it.

So, the Hindus get frustrated. For years and years, no justice is given to them, and they form a movement. What is wrong with that? The Media bashes them down, label all such leaders as villains. The media and the Indian public at large now hold the view that it is OK, not to hang someone like Afzal Guru ( who carried out attacks on the Indian Parliament in 2002) for he is a Muslim. But if a Hindu wants his God to be better respected, he is a monster.

L.K. Advani, wrote in depth about this chapter in his memoirs and provided a great insight on the issue. His point that, their is an Islamic atmosphere in Mecca, similarly Vatican has a Christian atmosphere, so what is wrong in asking for a Hindu atmosphere in Ayodhya?
I ponder over this point, and realize that in almost every religion, be it Buddhism or Sikhism or any other religion or sect, birthplaces of Gods are preserved and prayed with lot of fervor and devote.

I also agree with Advani that, it was wrong to fell down the mosque. Our religion, according to me, does not give us permission to wrong against someone's belief. Ram was happy to give away his kingdom to his brother, when his step mother asked for it. Ram would not have been happy on a disputed land. Like in every communal mess, Indian National Congress played the pseudo secular card well, and gained maximum out of it. The Indian Media supported the Congress's cause with great gusto and belief.

Hence, I feel bad for feelings of Muslims too. Agreed, the mosque was not in use for a long time. Still, it was a mosque. It may have been made by force. Still, it was a mosque. And it did not deserve to be treated like this. I am a religious person, by choice and feelings of insult to God, I can relate to well.

That, it all happened to quench the lust of power of the Indian National Congress is shameful. They gained the Muslim vote in the infamous Shah Bano case, and inflamed the issue of Ayodhya to gain Hindu votes as well.

Worst is, Indians have sunk to very very low level of shame and hypocrisy. It shall bring the country to doom, am hundred percent sure. They not only support such things, but also enjoy it to the hilt. See, 1984 riots, 2002 riots, Afzal Guru case and endless such cases where Justice has never been done. And shall never be done. For, in this market of madness and chaos, Indians are asking for blood and mayhem, and they shall have it. I have no iota of doubt over it.

I close this, with a remembrance of Sardar Vallabhai Patel. He re - built the Somnath Temple in Gujarat, that too had faced the brunt of the foreign invaders. I know, it is no use of wishing, still I wish, he would have resolved the Ayodhya issue, himself. For, he was a man, who would have satisfied both Hindus and Muslims. As of now, the High Court's decision is likely to be challenged in the Supreme Court. So, no end of this debate is near sight. Not in the near future it seems.

Suffered; both the religions have.
Justice; both of them deserve.
Unite; everyone should.


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