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Gurugram witnesses evening of blissful poetry

he city of Gurugram transformed into a vibrant literary hub with the ‘Aainakhana’ been held at DLF Club5. Organized by DLF5 and Delhi Shayari Club, ‘Aainakhana’- a one of its kind poetry event was a joyous celebration of Urdu and Hindi poetry along with a serious reflection on its continuing legacy.
Some of the prominent poets of the country that enthralled the audience with their scholarly compositions included Vipul Kumar, Abbas Qamar, Shariq Kaifi, Farhat Ehsas, Tarkash Pradeep and the likes.

Since its inception in April 2017, Delhi Shayari Club has been instrumental in organizing regular informal meetings or baithaks, to celebrate Urdu poetry. Delhi Shayari Club aspires to entertain and engage the audience from diverse backgrounds in an organic way.
Poetry is an integral part of literature and helps contribute towards building culture. Urdu poetry is a rich tradition of poetry and has many different forms and is fast gaining popularity with the Indian youth.
DLF5 time and again organizes such cultural events. The company believes that these initiatives not just engage and entertain the residents but help in community building. The Club5 had earlier hosted Algebra conversations with renowned tabla legend Zakir Hussain and social activist and Pratham CEO Madhav Chavan.

“I love poetry and really enjoyed the evening. The session was indeed soul satisfying. It was a like a waft of fresh air amidst growing urbanization and proliferation of technology,” said Neeta Gandhi, a resident of DLF5.


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