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Monday, October 15, 2007

Voyaging through the blogosphere-15

Trotting through the blogosphere...i found this very intresting blog which as per its title's description is a life of a rodent...grasp its details before i move on with comments on this blog...
Blog url-
Blog title - That only
Blog Author - Rat
Genre - personal
Created - march,2005
Well it seems that the author has now retired from active writng...but there are still some good amount of good posts lying in the archives for the readers to go through...The expressions are good...and posts writn in a very simple yet unique style...if any of the blogger is plannin his/her personal blog...can go through this one once...also the honest and frankness in her writngs wont go unnoticed...Try these samples if you wish to know more about this blog
1.small talk
3.A 100 miles
Well not much there for me to discuss in this particular blog...after reading it u only wish that the author had more time for her blogs...and we had something more to enjoy...
next on voyaging through the blogosphere...
Till then happy blogging!!!!!!!!!!!


Rat said...

Thanks .. that was very sweet :)

Tushar said...

thnku for ur visit


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