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Sunday, March 09, 2008

voyaging through the blogosphere-26

Well,i haven't read the 2 books written by Rupa Gulab
but i got an opportunity to go through her blog,which she has just made a couple of months ago.
Blog title - satirical citizen
Blog url -
Author - Rupa Gulab
Genre - Personal
Created - January 2008
Last update - march,8th,2008
The author has written 2 books,so we expect some good writings in this blog,but it was much better then expected.As the title conveys,the blog is full of satire,the language is comfortable,a light and nice blog after a hard day,i must say.
Don't miss out on these ones :-
1.And the bharat ratna goes to Mr. markand [Its the first one and the ultimate one]
2.Raj's Ae mere watan ke logon moment
3.Reptiles of human kind
The blog is new,lets hope it goes out well for The author.Its a good one for professional writers,routine bloggers,and people with a taste of humor.My conclusion after checking out this blog was that i have to read her books.soon.
Next on the voyager series is a special stuff from Malaysia
Till then happy blogging


rupagulab said...

Hey, thanks! Blushing deeply.

rupagulab said...

Hey, thanks! Blushing deeply.

Tshhar Mangal said...

Blushing twice :-)

Thanks for visiting

God bless you


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