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The zeest ::..official zeest band's blog

Saturday, March 01, 2008

voyaging through the blogosphere-23

I hate cigarettes,and i hate tobacco.Yet that doesn't stop me to appreciate the sutta anthem,or B.C. sutta as the song is titled.So much so,i never ever found a person who hated this song.whoever listens to it,loves it,dont know why.So today we visit the official blog of the band The zeest and know more about the guys who have managed such a huge fan following with just this one song.
Blog name - The zeest ::..official zeest band's blog
Blog url -
Blog Author - The zeest
Genre - commercial
Created-5th may 2006
Nothing much to review about this blog,the blog is well updated,seems popular among the fans.Its well updated,full of information and given so many misconceptions and rumors about this band.This blog clears it all.
3 posts u should not miss if u happen to be on that blog
1. To clarify some rumours
2.The project zeest
3. The zeest team
Overall a nice chance to know more about the zeest especially for those who heard the sutta song and loved it.
Next,we read what sexy indian bitch had to say when her blog was alive.
Happy Blogginggg


Arooj said...

Hey Tshhar Mangal,

This is Arooj from Project Zeest. I just wanted to say thanks for all those kind words.

Take care.
God bless :)


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