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Here Is What You Can Do to Save More Than Your Colleagues

I used to spend a considerable chunk of my salary as rent for my apartment. The remaining I would try to allocate best to my monthly expenses while also adding up to my savings accounts. Sadly, amidst high prices of almost every product and services in the present day, your savings can have a hard time matching up to your consumption. 


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From my personal experience as someone in their late-twenties, I know that having a good savings account and a smart investment portfolio is crucial to a secure future. This is the time when we can actually build a strong financial backbone to settle down to a smooth life later. 

While it is not possible to negotiate financially over big-ticket items like a home or a car, the scope for efficient saving practices lies within the smaller things. And no, I’m not asking you to go into hibernation mode and bid adieu to socialize over coffee and dinner. There are better and more practical ways out there to curb your expenses and to create a stable rainy-day fund.

After much thought and research, I started out with the basics. 

Here’s what you need to understand to not only match up to your colleagues in terms of savings, but also outsmart them ultimately: -

Adopt #SubscriptionLifestyle

Gone are the days when I loved being a nomad. I work hard and after a hard day’s work, I want to come back to a comfortable home to relax and unwind. But a well-furnished flat can really kill your salary! Where I live, a flat like that can easily cost a minimum of INR 27 K monthly. Honestly, for a bachelor who plans to make periodic job changes that will require an address change as well, this setting doesn’t make sense.

It took me a great deal of time to realize that spending money on furniture and appliances in these initial stages of life is futile. A great way to maintain a minimum flat rent is by moving into unfurnished flat and procuring rental furniture. Rental furniture is great, as they not only come at affordable pricing but also for a convenient rent term. 

I know a few good rental companies in the market like that offer customized rental solutions to their customers with regards to pricing and the rent period. 

Not only can I now afford the luxury of a fully furnished apartment for a pocket-friendly price, but I also get to save up big time for other investments that actually matter.


While you might feel smart buying furniture and appliances on EMIs, let me tell you something you don’t know, you are making a really bad financial decision; you will eventually end up paying even more than the actual price of the product.

If you want to save money, you need to learn to #SmartlyOwn. 

Companies create a false sense of accomplishment in their customers by offering so-called affordable equated monthly installments, when the truth is that you’re actually not getting the product on a discount but are also paying extra for the product! That’s why RMIs are where it’s at!

All furniture companies procure their products at discounted wholesale prices. But while monthly EMIs are based on the increased market price of the product, RMIs are calculated at the discounted cost price for which the company had initially bought their products. This is also a good reason why rental furniture companies are quite popular globally. It’s time we too took similar smart informed decisions.

You can take my word for this; I ‘ve been able to save so much more in these 8 months than I could ever have in my career span of 5 years. It all starts with your home after all. With furniture rentals, you can not only afford a great flat at a nominal price but can also enjoy the benefits of customized and comfortable furnishings, all the while successfully saving your hard-earned money for meaningful future investments.


Article is too good.. For a bachelor, renting furniture and electronics is far better rather than buying them out which is way more expensive.
Andrew said…
Great bllog I enjoyed reading

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