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Burma Burma - CyberHub - Gurugram

Impeccable service is the impression I got after my luncheon experience at Burma Burma the other day. The staff is not only well equipped and knowledgeable to serve patrons, they are also excellent at their job. From the very top, leaders like Ashu and staff members like Vikas go that extra mile to make your dining experience better.

This place is a vegetarian's paradise with some amazing options for the veggies. I went with an open mind and was pleasantly surprised that even if no meat or chicken my meal had a variety and great taste. And the fact that they didn't offer me the traditional veggie treat of Cottage Cheese and Potatoes further enhanced my culinary experience.

The food we had

Samosa Soup - Samosa crispies in your soup makes for an excellent idea.
Raw Mango Salad - The raw mango flavor mingles with the crunchiness of the peanuts for that great salad taste. Healthy too.
Tea Leaf Salad - Highly recommended. These guys import choicest tea leaves for that extra authenticity in the flavors.
Sunflower Leaves and Crispy Wheat Flakes Salad - Baby sunflower leaves with some crispy flakes make it a great salad.

Crispy Mockmeat Steamed Buns 
Crunchy Tofu Steamed Buns
Lotus Stem Crisps - I never found lotus stem so tasty.
Tohu Mash with Parantha - Amazing dish with Tohu and well layered Paranthas.

Burma Burma Oh No KhowSuey - This is such a famous dish and I heard a lot about it before tasting it and I was not disappointed.

Black Glutinous Sticky Rice with Eyed Pea and Picked Vegetables


Smokey Avocado  and Honey Ice Cream
Tagu Pyian (Coconut Custard, Sago & Palm Jaggery)
Chocolate Caramel Dome - Is a rose shaped chocolate dessert crafted with perfection.

Drinks we ordered
Twilight  Tea - A special tea to calm your soul and relax your body.
SeaBuckthorn Mary - I liked this mock tail drink with ample seabuckthorn flavor and some spices.
Nutella Bubble Tea - Chilled and came in a cool glass bottle.

The only thing I didn't like was the fact that they close the tea room post lunch till dinner time. I think this place should be open all day for a relaxed cup of tea or filling meals. 


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