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Indians Disappoint Me.

I am disappointed by all my countrymen and countrywomen.And of course being an Indian Myself I am more disgusted with myself.

* A Jessica Lal Dies.An Aarushi Talwar dies.I see loads of people holding candles and marching to India Gate or other monuments.
Lakhs Of people brutally died in the Bihar floods. And all candles were disgustingly missing.
There was literally no banners or march of peace.
* Our Prime Minister, Who after 4 years In office has now got this idea that there is no co-ordination in between different security agencies and this leads to terrorist attacks on the country, is wished a very good morning be me myself. It took you 4 years and thousands of deaths to get that idea? wow
* Our Home Minister, who is another Rajya sabha member [he had lost the Lok sabha elections last time] loves changing dresses when he hops from one blast site to another. I am now more glad that two bombs, near regal cinema and India gate, got defused.I am not particularly fan of those bandh gala, and watching him flaunting his whole wardrobe in a day would have been slightly boring.
* In our country, you can be a Gujjar and uproot rail lines.If you feel like you can block Jammu, kashmiryou canKashmir.You can jam the national highway at singur at your will.You can even tell anyone that he/she is a non Marathi and should be shooed away.Or buy a member of parliaments in few crores rupees, to win a trust vote.
But i Tushar Mangal ask, then why do we blame terrorists for planting bombs, in our markets when we are presenting such a rosy picture of our national security???
each and every voter in this country should hang his head in shame. Utter shame.
* In Bihar, Politicians are inaugurating relief camps, Distributing tax payer's money at will on relief camps that are adorned by there party symbol's and posters or distributing plain cash.Daily I see pictures of people presenting cheques for relief funds as if they are doing a favor or pitying someone.
If you want to do charity, why be pompous??? Again who should hang his/her head in shame???
for this pompousness
* No, this is not the country, for whom Bhagat Singh got himself hanged.No.
The weakness of the government shows our weakness.
The voters who made this government.
My only faith now left somewhat is in Nitish Kumar, who has approached Nepal's Prime Minister to work out ways to prevent floods from Nepal to India. At least someone is there who is thinking a bit about our country's future.
Or Mr. Advani, who is at least interested in bringing up a law against terrorism.I am not much aware of the merits or demerits of POTA still at least maybe it is an effort.
Our Prime Minster, who is only interested in his high command's orders or the Nuclear deal, worries less about us than his other commitments to Madam and one Mr. Bush.
With reasons such as these and several small others, I say today, Indians today should feel ashamed and look forwards to redeeming their conscience.

I wish to announce a discussion on a topic. I request you all to write a post on this particular Quote

"Whatever They may be In public Life, Whatever their relations with men, in their relations with women, all men are rapists and that's all they are.They rape us with their eyes, their laws, their codes."
- Marilyn French, Writer

* This Discussion runs one month from now.
* The member writing the best post will get special appreciation both on Jagruti and Voyaging through the blogosphere.
* A badge, though not promised, but will be given for your personal blog as a memoir.


Si_Lee said…
ha ha ... You are back after your hiatus ... niceee post .. you spoke my ind ... yes indians even agitate if some glamour is involved else they dont bother ... the educated ones ...(not all but most)
he he a BMW killing two people is a major headline, but so many times the naxal activities all over the country are only small stories in the middle of the paper somewhere ... I share your sentiments on this issue .. :)
Kartz said…
Good to see your post again... And couldn't have been better.

Tushar Mangl said…
Thanks Sid
Thanks Karthik :-)
Priya Joyce said…
nice post i wud say
tat concern for aarushi and jessica was from their dear ones close relatives and frnds in ther case also no stranger took tat step likewise who will be bothered about the bihar people i don't think anyone is.
its very sad

abt the POTA then advani ji and the cash for vote scam i wud only say all the politicians are alike no one is good no one is caring everyone is just bothered about their Kursi and tat's mere selfishness .

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