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Three Blogs, with one theme in common...Books

1) A striped Armchair -

*This Blog by eva is overflowing with voluminous amount of information about books and reading.

*Also you can find information and knowledge about various Reading challenges going on at the moment or had happened in the past.

* The Blog roll is another plus point.Browse as many book blogs, as you can whenever you have spare time.


2) Book Trout -

* This One is A blog for a bookstore named Old Saratoga Books near New York

* This blog owned and authored By Rachel

* Nice Source of knowledge .


3) Back to Books

* A blog by a Voracious Reader Nicola From Canada

* Extensive knowledge on books and reading challenges.

* But seems to be well managed and easy to browse


Do comment in your views Regarding these blogs

Jai Shri Ram !!!


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