BBA - 1st Sem - PTU - Introduction to Modern Business

Maximum Marks: 75 Time Allowed: 3 hours

Introduction to Modern Business
Section - A
Attempt all questions of 2 marks each.
1) Trade 11. Objectives
2) Economic Activities 12. Routine and Strategic decisions
3) Government companies 13. Organization
4) Two features of sole trade business 14. Departmentation.
5) Ideal partnership 15. Job Enlargement vs. Job Environment
6) Co- Ownership
7) Subsidiary Company
8) Management
9) Co - ordination
10) Six P's of Planning

Section - B Attempt 9 questions of 5 marks each

Q-1) Discuss the classification of carious managerial functions?
Q-2) Explain the steps followed in a planning process?
Q-3) What is meant by Management of Objectives (MBO)?
Discuss the features and process of MBO?
Q-4) What are the different forms of organization from ownership point of view?
Q-5) What is organization? Discuss the objectives and steps in organization?
Q-6) What is meant by delegation of Authority. Discuss its nature and elements?
Q- 7) Which factors influence the degree of centralization? Why is it needed?
Q- 8) Explain various tests used in a selection process?
Q-9) Discuss briefly various theories of motivation?
Q-10) Discuss the various styles of leadership?
Q-11) Explain various techniques of control?
Q-12) Discuss the concept of social responsibility of business?


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