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BBA - 5th Sem - PTU - Business Environment

Total No. of Ques - 13 Maximum Marks - 75

Time:03 Hours
Instruction to Candidates:

1) Section - A is Compulsory
2) Attempt any Nine questions from Section - B

Section - A (15*2 = 30)
a) Define Business Environment
b) What is Privatization.
c) Define inflation.
d) What is meant by balance of trade.
e) What is counter trade?
f) What is industrial sickness?
g) Discuss meaning of social injustice.
h) What is meant by fiscal policy?
i) What is devaluation?
j) Where are factors causing unemployment?
k) What are purposes of licensing.
l) What are transitional economies.
m) What is meant by technical environment of business.
n) Identify objectives of IMF.
o) Identify the meaning of physical environment of business.

Section - B (9*5 = 45)
Q-2) Outline the major factors in business environment which a company must keep in mind. Elaborate.
Q-3) Highlight various factors causing poverty in India.
Q-4) Outline the various measures for consumer protection available in India.
Q-5) Explain the salient features of India's latest Export - Import Policy.
Q-6) Explain the objectives and functions of the World Bank.
Q-7) Outline the salient features of the World Trade Organization.
Q-8) Highlight the recent trends in World Trade.
Q-9) Outline the various components of Balance of Payments.
Q-10) Describe the objectives of India's latest five year plan.
Q-11) Outline the characteristics of India's monetary policy.
Q-12) Identify causes of Industrial sickness in India.
Q-13) Describe the relationship between Foreign Trade and Economic growth of a nation.


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