Tenth Avatar - Book Review - Dr. Kanchan Joshi

Dr. Kanchan Joshi in his book Tenth Avatar blends mythological fiction with science fiction with perfection and finesse. The book runs on parallel tracks of two gifted people. One is the story of Hanuman an accomplished yogi with super powers bestowed upon by .

The other track follows the life of Krish Bhat, a gifted mathematician who is in pursuit of research to unlock the secrets of the World. He is good at his research and seems to be luck in love too, when he meets Prisha. But fate has something else in store for them. Along with fighting his battles on the personal front, Krish has to counter threats from people wishing to encroach upon his research for their ow selfish purposes.

And on the paths their story meets is the insightful crossroad of spirituality. Krish gains meaningful insights which transforms him into the Tenth Avatar.

Publisher - The Write Place
Price - INR 350
Pages - 242


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