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Wah Amritsar! - Supermart-2 - Gurgaon

As you enter the Supermart- 2 building in Sushant Lok in Gurgaon, the fancy yellow board carrying the distinct logo of Wah! Amritsar catches your eye. Since past 4 years this place has been treating delightful Punjabi and North Indian cuisine to its clientele building up excellent goodwill in the region.

I have had heard many good things about this place in the past, especially about the famed chicken dishes so I decided to visit the outlet and taste some of their delicacies.

The place is mostly known for its quick home delivery service and takeaway but I found a few comfortable seating options too. They even have some tables outside if weather permits outdoor seating.

The menu is quite vast and has a lot of options but its the Punjabi dishes or the dishes done with the Punjabi touch that leave a mark. Case in point is the Tawa Chicken. Its cooked well in spices with chunks of chicken with a thick gravy. If one is looking beyond the usual Butter and Karhai Chicken the Tawa specialities are a great try.

While I thought this place was a mecca for the meat eaters, the staff suggested the special Punjabi Paneer, which I ordered with Pudina Paranthas. The Paranthas were flaky and great to taste. The Cottage Cheese was soft and fresh, it merged with the gravy which was just the right balance of spices and tomatoes.


I think the nominal price structure on the menu is also helping Wah! Amritsar to retain its loyal clientele. The rates are quite reasonable if you look at the rates of other outlets in the region.

I liked this place and its vibes. Be it a family dinner or an office lunch, one can get fresh hot food delivered on time. And the good news is that they deliver to a wide 5 kilometer radius which covers a lot of new Gurgaon area.


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