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Skill Development Initiatives of the government

One of the biggest achievements of the present day Narendra Modi government would be the way it has dealt with Skill Development. In India, our biggest strength today is our human resource. But we have a a garbage of education system that just can best generate certificates and degrees. For obvious reasons that does not prepare you for a job. It saddens me to see so many young people looking for a job and so many corporations looking for people and things just don't work out because the youth is not up to that challenge of job. Here is where a robust skill development mission is required. And the government by setting up the skill development ministry has shown its good intentions to boost up the sector. People today need to be updated on skills especially as we are staring into a recession. The guy with the right skills will make a better impression on the companies who need quality manpower. Instead of hiring more and more they are now hiring less. So quality here will trump qua

Fantastico College Fest Story

I met Priya during Fantastico, a college festival organized every year by Sri Gulab Chand Memorial College. Or GCM as we call it. She had come all the way from Karnal where she was studying Ayurveda at a local college. I was at Chandigarh studying IT and dreaming about heading to United States after studies. However that was not our first meeting. We had met before many years ago at my friend's brother's wedding. She was known to a sister in the family and though we had seen each other, hardly any words were exchanged. Introductions were made but we never got a chance to interact. Although I remember clearly, that I had found her really attractive and our eyes had met more than often. Now, it was a shock and a surprise to see her after all this time at Fantastico. The fest itself was open to students of varied disciplines and studies. It was more of a youth festival to bond and chill than any of the pointer representations it made on its charter.  There was way lot of drinki

Ramayana - The Game of Life - Stolen Hope - Book 3 - Review

The much anticipated,  3rd book from the Ramayana - The Game of Life series by Shubha Vilas titled Stolen Hope is now out. You would have read the review of the first book at and almost a year ago I penned down the review for the second instalment of the series Now I am fortunate enough to receive the third book in the series which continues the story of Ramayana. In the first two books we read about the growing up years of Ram and his marriage to Sita. Shortly after announcing his intent to coronate Ram as king, Dashratha is asked by his wife to exile him. This so that her son becomes the ruler of Ayodhya. Ram renounces the Kingdom to follow his step mother's wishes.  The story continues and this book chiefly focuses on the time Ram Sita and Lakshman spend in the Dandkarnya forest as part of their exile of 14 y

Another Rich Stupid Delhi Idea

Odd Even number plate? Seriously? How many people even remember their vehicle's number plates? But Delhi does. Its people have that zest for dramatic and superfluous. After all it has the highest per capita income in India. So much money can fog minds really. A few years ago media friends of AAP showed us that their dearest Mr Kejriwal has 500 plus pages proof of then CM Sheila Dikshit's involvement in CWG scam. Now the same media wallahs are creating this buzz about odd even rule to hide the fallacies of Mr Kejriwal's government. Its not about clean air. How many cities in India do really have clean air? Its about camouflaging facts like Delhi government's inability to do anything about corruption past or present. The party's own members questioned the diluted lokpal law passed by Mr Kejriwal but were clearly gagged up. I was on Sunday driving through the busy Aurobindo Marg in Delhi, where I stopped over at an intersection where a lone traffic policeman was

New Year New Post

Happy New Year Friends ! Wish you al a very happy and a prosperous new year. Read a lot, love a lot and travel a lot. I have lot of updates will share later on but stay in touch folks and enjoy this year to its most. We spend too much of our time worrying about whatever we don't have rather than pleasuring the little we have.