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Another Rich Stupid Delhi Idea

Odd Even number plate? Seriously?
How many people even remember their vehicle's number plates?
But Delhi does. Its people have that zest for dramatic and superfluous. After all it has the highest per capita income in India. So much money can fog minds really.
A few years ago media friends of AAP showed us that their dearest Mr Kejriwal has 500 plus pages proof of then CM Sheila Dikshit's involvement in CWG scam. Now the same media wallahs are creating this buzz about odd even rule to hide the fallacies of Mr Kejriwal's government. Its not about clean air. How many cities in India do really have clean air? Its about camouflaging facts like Delhi government's inability to do anything about corruption past or present. The party's own members questioned the diluted lokpal law passed by Mr Kejriwal but were clearly gagged up.

I was on Sunday driving through the busy Aurobindo Marg in Delhi, where I stopped over at an intersection where a lone traffic policeman was frantically trying to regulate traffic. My heart went out to that guy for ultimately he will also now have to stare at number plates of all those vehicles.
Of course its all in greater good. Like hiking salaries of all MLAs of Delhi was for greater good. After all they are the heroes of the public of Delhi. Rich people need Rich MLAs.

So now so that no one talks a thing about the misdeeds of government of Delhi, they have thrusted this clean air thing. I mean, air is polluted by burning fields in neighbouring areas, construction etc. So now will people of Delhi shut down all illegal construction activities being carried by encouragement of Delhi government? Or will they stop using farmers for suicides and publicity and help them not to burn fields after harvest? No they won't do any thing about that. Delhi people just need to hog media for media can only see two things. One the darling CM of their state and of course the poor air quality.

Odd Even vehicle formula might have been a hit in some other developed cities of the world. But those cities have a culture, a character of infrastructure, a soul of strength that binds them together. All Delhi has money and this looks like more of a fad of rich than any serious attempt by people to act for the environment. 


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