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Fantastico College Fest Story

I met Priya during Fantastico, a college festival organized every year by Sri Gulab Chand Memorial College. Or GCM as we call it. She had come all the way from Karnal where she was studying Ayurveda at a local college. I was at Chandigarh studying IT and dreaming about heading to United States after studies. However that was not our first meeting.
We had met before many years ago at my friend's brother's wedding. She was known to a sister in the family and though we had seen each other, hardly any words were exchanged. Introductions were made but we never got a chance to interact. Although I remember clearly, that I had found her really attractive and our eyes had met more than often.
Now, it was a shock and a surprise to see her after all this time at Fantastico. The fest itself was open to students of varied disciplines and studies. It was more of a youth festival to bond and chill than any of the pointer representations it made on its charter.  There was way lot of drinking and smoking, the weed being the most in demand. Add music into this and the fest was magic. It was the ultimate high.

She was dressed in a black salwar kameez with golden color border on it. She stood out of the crowd of jeans and top girls. All of them were wearing a varied color of blue denims pants and black tops. I recognized her at the same time she recognized me. There was the curious look and then surprise on her face, I was still in shock to offer a reaction, but when she smiled, I smiled as well. A couple of awkward moments passed and as we reintroduced ourselves, things eased out. We broke away from our individual groups and headed towards an isolated bench under a clump of trees. I still remember the day vividly. The sun was glowing down in subtle tones. The weather was autumn perfect. We just sat there and said nothing for few minutes. Then a student came by, he was walking and rolling a joint at the same time. Just as it happens, the guy fell down stood up and moved on. She laughed, just an easy light laugh that broke the ice. We talked and talked and talked till the sun went down. Then we went down the amphitheatre where a band was playing old English songs. It was amazing to see her so happy, upbeat on the music, the yellow bulbs, casting a glow the golden on her suit.
We had dinner together with our group of friends and then went alone for a walk around the campus. Fantastico was one experience of my life I would always remember. It gave me such joy and love.

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