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Awesome donuts for the mid meals hunger pangs

Okay, the other day I skipped break fast and lunch didn't seem possible for this super urgent project so I decided why not order some donuts for myself and the team. Dunkin Donuts has come up with some great offers and this seemed the perfect time to munch some of their recent flavor additions. The Donuts came fresh and warm, packed nicely in boxes which remind you of Indian sweet boxes.  Nutty Choco Cuddle  Sweet and yummy with a soft gooey center, a must try for those who like sweet and salty (slightly) chocolate taste. Choco Frosted Donut You wouldn't like to share this with anyone, trust me on that. Cutie Frutie Donut The most beautiful donut in the town!  Classic Donut  All time favorite. Jelly Filled Donut This has a jam like jelly generously filled into it.  Cinnamon Donut Not my personal favorite but it has a slight amount of cinnamon essence and dustings

38 - Barracks - Connaught Place Delhi

38 Barracks at M Block CP, on the outer circle, is a militarily themed restaurant with great food, a good bar, and an awesome singer. The decor is aptly done with the military memorabilia on the walls and the ambiance reflects that too with very close sitting. Drinks I asked the manager to suggest a strong cocktail for me and he suggested Smoky Mape and Boston Beach both of whom were very well prepared. The bar at this place is very well stocked and the bartenders quite knowledgable. If you want drinks with your food, this place is a good choice. Freak Shakes I think you can avoid their shakes because this is more of a restaurant than a cafe. Shakes aren't their forte. Starters Harissa Chicken is a standard Tandoori Chicken Tikka and is one of the best starters to try here. Grilled chicken on skewers was tasty too. I also loved their Paneer Tikka Barrells. The Beetroot ki Galouti was okay and so was the poha crusted hare kebabs.

Canvas Laugh Club launches Canvas Music Hall

All roads led to The People and Co in Cyberhub as Delhi NCR was treated to a colossal music invasion of one of India’s most celebrated band, ADVAITA that kicked off an unforgettable experience in the city. A mélange of fusion music culminated on a high note at Canvas Music Hall, Gurgaon as the music community of the city came together to raise toast to good music with more who were in all applause for its very first extravaganza. The performance saw an electrifying line-up on stage coupled with ecstatic energy from music lovers who thronged the venue in big numbers. Delhi NCR was witness to some of the best stage production and design it has ever seen with live performances, scrumptious food and sassy ambience. Canvas Music Hall is the next big premium live music destination in town. Anoop Sebastian, Programming Head, CLC was all in praise of the event 'Canvas Laugh club has finally opened its doors to something that we have been wanting to explore for a very long time. I

Prankster - Sector 29 Gurgaon Restaurant Review

Prankster has been dominating the food scene at the Sector 29 Gurgaon for some time now. I know for a fact that many people from outside Gurgaon come down specially to try the food here. It has a wide range of Indian food served with a twist. With all the modern tapering and innovation, the place has retained the Indian touch which is liked by so many of us. Lotus Fritters There were a number of dishes which I discovered first here. One of them being Lotus Fritters. Lotus stems were deep fried and coated with spices and made for a great dish. Dahi Bhalle  Is an all time favorite dish. I just wish they had added little more tamarind chutney in it. Prankster cooks some of the best mutton dishes in town Lunch Scenes Paneer Chole kulche doughnut with gajar achar mousse Chicken tikka fattir  Fattir is an interesting concept at Prankster. It is like an open Parantha but the base reminds you of Patties served in old schoo

Advaita at Canvas Laugh Club

Advaita is an eclectic fusion band, an expression of eight musical identities that dissolve into one another to create a unique sound. They are a band based in New Delhi, India. From their inception in 2004, their brand of contemporary ‘organic’ Indian psychedelic music has been hailed as one of the most original and creative sounds to ever come out of the Indian underground music scene. Nowhere else can one hear a sarangi, tabla and Hindustani Classical vocalist blend so effortlessly, yet so exotically with guitars, drums and keyboards. In 2009 Advaita launched their first album on EMI records titled Grounded In Space and this really catapulted the status of the band. Recorded at the famed Yash Raj studios, Mumbai, the album was both critically acclaimed and commercially successful. Later that year, they were one of only four bands from India selected by famous producer John Leckie for the British Council Soundpad Project, recording 2 songs for a globally released compilation

Monsoon Special at Chaayos

Chaayos is well known for its innovation with food and how it retains the Indian touch in its food. It also brings in special menus based on the seasons, for truly, weather and season does impact our mood for food. Maybe it was providence, or coincidence, just as I was about to reach Chaayos for some after office snacks and tea, it rained hard. I was drenched by the time I reached, in full optimism of a perfect chai and hot snacks. And the setting was just right to sample their awesome Monsoon Menu. Let me walk you through the amazing food at the table.                                      The best part of their menu was the Shahi Chai,it is a very thick liquid filled with almonds and saffron. It reminded me of the Atte ka seera, ( Wheat and milk based drink) we drink back in Punjab. The Shahi Chai is thick and absolutely yum.  Kulhad Jalebi was everything you want your Jalebi to be. Not very sugary, crisp and light. Had they given a milk add in option, the