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Monsoon Special at Chaayos

Chaayos is well known for its innovation with food and how it retains the Indian touch in its food. It also brings in special menus based on the seasons, for truly, weather and season does impact our mood for food.

Maybe it was providence, or coincidence, just as I was about to reach Chaayos for some after office snacks and tea, it rained hard. I was drenched by the time I reached, in full optimism of a perfect chai and hot snacks. And the setting was just right to sample their awesome Monsoon Menu. Let me walk you through the amazing food at the table.


The best part of their menu was the Shahi Chai,it is a very thick liquid filled with almonds and saffron. It reminded me of the Atte ka seera, ( Wheat and milk based drink) we drink back in Punjab. The Shahi Chai is thick and absolutely yum. 

Kulhad Jalebi was everything you want your Jalebi to be. Not very sugary, crisp and light. Had they given a milk add in option, the jalebi would have been perfect as a Doodh Jalebi Combo.


                                                                  Bun Omelette 

Oh and while the Monsoon Menu is all yum and delicious, how can one miss their awesome chocolate cake

The Kulhad Chai, which is your routine tea topped with saffron and served in earthen glasses is an all-time favorite in any season. It is rich and warm.

 The  Chicken loaded open Parantha is an amazing eat with a flaky crisp base and pizza-like toppings. Its a filling dish and can be easily consumed by one person. The generous portions of Indian style chicken and cheese make it a top item on their food menu.

 It also has a Paneer variant and it's tough to say which one is better. Both are a perfect fusion of Indian style Paranthas and pizzas.

Also on the menu is a favorite of many - Bun Samosa. Perfect for monsoon evenings, The Samose is perfectly encased burger style with green chutney made of mint and coriander generously spread over the bread. 

They also recommended a special tea, with ten ingredients and left me to ponder over which ten special ingredients had made the tea so special. To help my ponderings was Baarish Wale Pakode, an assorted basket of special pakodas cooked home style. Reminded me of rains and chai back home.

A good addition to their existing menu, the monsoon menu is an honest attempt by Chaayos to bring in something unique yet something familiar to drink and eat this season.



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