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The Cause

So readers who didn't like my is the cause of your irritation Saurabh Bhandari...So Next time yu wanna kill the author think about not me but this guy Who was the immediate cause of this blog.Of course there were other people too but bhandari showed so much confidence about me,he was damm adamant too...about my writings,my talents so this write up to you my friend and for yu and about you.........its a testimonial i wrote for him... ACTUALLY I DON'T KNOW MUCH ABOUT BHANDARI AS I CALL HIM. BUT HE IS A MAGNET WHICH ATTRACTS PEOPLE TOWARDS HIM .EVEN NOW I LOOK BACK EVERY MOMENT WITH HIM WAS FUN.HIS SMILE AS HE AS CORRECTLY MENTIONED IN HIS PROFILE IS THE FIRST THING You WOULD NOTICE NOTICE ABOUT HIM.HIS SMILE HAS A MAGICAL YET INNOCENT CHARM.HOWEVER ABSENT MINDED HE MAY BE HE HAS GOOD HEART.THE WORST PART ABOUT HIM I FIND WHICH I WULD LIKE TO SHARE ON THIS PLATFORM IS THAT I CANT GET ANGRY WITH HIM.HIS SMILE IS SUCH A LETHAL WEAPON WITH THE MAGICAL POWERS I MENTION