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How Delhi Lifestyle Exhibitions help you find the most exclusive designer stuff in the city

Ever wondered where to find the most exclusive and yet affordable designer stuff in the city? The answer is "Fashion & Lifestyle Exhibitions" - They are the best platforms to showcase and buy an exclusive collection of products such as garments, accessories, art, beauty and much more - all at an affordable price. They curate the best of the brands and offer discount coupons or vouchers to make shopping light on your budget. Being the Fashion capital of the country, Delhi NCR hosts over 500+ Fashion & Lifestyle Exhibitions along with trunk shows every year. How to find about these shows? Via "Delhi Lifestyle Exhibitions" - a leading information group that provides regular shopping regular and discount vouchers for various Fashion & Lifestyle shows of Delhi/NCR. Join "Delhi Lifestyle Exhibitions" Facebook group and you can also follow it on Instagram to stay updated. Here is their upcoming event calendar - March 31st

With Yogi Adityanath at helm, a change of perception in U.P. Governance

Much has been written about Yogi Aditya Nath's rise to the top post as the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, many loving the Prime Minister's choice and several criticizing the same. Time will, of course, tell how good the new C.M. does and how good does his PR machinery works. But a change of perception in Uttar Pradesh government is already visible.  Take the example of Romeo Squads. We all have heard so many politicians and learned wise people telling us how girls should behave and how they are often cause of eve teasing among other stuff. The C.M. has brought in a fresh change to this discourse. With Romeo Squad, no one is talking about what the Juliet is doing. What is she wearing? How is she behaving? The focus is squarely on the Romeos. The implementation may have gone over zealous but it is high time the society accepts that reigning rowdy elements is better than keeping your daughters confined.  Also changing is the perception of eating beef. Fine, people are

India on My Plate - Gurgaon

I had the opportunity to lunch at India on My Plate the other day and the experience was just fabulous. The lunch kicked off with Gujarat's Khakras accompanied with Neer Emore, which was basically a Chettinaad version of Butter Milk. The staff informed me that the Brand master Indra Dev himself gets involved in the Menu selection which is changed frequently.  In starters, the best dishes were of chicken. In fact, Murg Hazarvi is an IOMP specialty. The Ram Ladoo, which were served as a delicacy from Delhi were more like Amritsari Ladoos which are quite famous. The name Ram Ladoo perhaps comes from the famous namesakes available at Chandni Chowk in Old Delhi. One thing I loved about their table setting was that they serve the mint chutneys and rest of the sauces in buckets, placed at each table. These things are well in demand to accompany Indian appetizers and snacks. Instead of serving them in small bowls, wherein, the diner asks for a repeat, they have very thoughtf

Hashimpura - Vibhuti Narain Rai

The Indian state, even after seventy years of Independence has miserably failed in providing a secure and just society to its citizens. Vibhuti Narain Rai's chilling recount of India's biggest custodial killing wherein forty two Muslims were butchered down by policemen because of their religion is a stark reminder of this fact. Even more so, the fact that the incident happened just next to the country's capital is a huge shame for our nation. When the media got the whiff of the incident, it did what it does the best. It was 1987 and the media as subservient to a particular political party as it is today. It brushed under the carpet a henious crime. On the night of 22 May, 1987 near the Delhi Ghaziabad border, members of the powerful Provincial Armed Constabulary rounded up some forty plus Muslims, put them in a van and took them to a canal to shoot them and throw them in the running waters. Its thirty years almost to the incident and we have not provided justi

Ghungroo - The Sounds of Yore - Delhi's first Dinner + Theatre experience

Ghungroo - The Sounds of Yore is a captivating experience of theater which is followed by concept dining.  Timings - 6.15 p.m - 9.30 p.m. Attention has been paid to every detail. I had the opportunity to visit the green rooms before the performance began to talk to the performers. But a signal snafu at Delhi Metro delayed me. I reached the venue just in time, to be met by the gracious people of the group. The led me to a well designed auditorium where the stage was set for the performance of the day Ghungroo - The Sounds of Yore Ghungroo encapsulates the spirit and journey of Delhi, the capital city of India. It traces Delhi's roots and history with crafty videos, soothing narrative and mind blowing performances. The performers brought on stage an amazing energy level which just took their performance to a high. You are seated in a very lively and well laid out arrangement in the auditorium. It was so beautiful that the ambience makes you feel so relaxed and at peac

Elections 2017 - BJP wins the votes but loses its identity

For the ruling party in Delhi, the elections in five states were crucial. True, in assembly and state elections, national considerations take second seat but still, the elections mirrored the national mood. For the Indian National Congress, the results have given it a rude shock. With the absence of its ailing President, the party could not put up a strong show and its campaign was wanting of any imagination or astuteness. Still it came close to power in Goa and Manipur and wrested back Punjab which all in all is not bad for it. For the ruling Bhartiya Janta Party, the writing now is clearly on the wall. The party has now left devoid of any ideology, cadre or thought. Its win is purely pinned on the charismatic Prime Minister who is now 'the party'.  Even in places where the BJP lost, it was mainly because the PM didn't try enough. Like in Punjab where the election was as usual outsourced to the regional partner.  Indeed, the results show a clear trend that th

Go Clown - #AccheDin for Comedy - Shatrugna Vadwlas

The book is a work of satire at its best. The author has managed to mingle humor and sarcasm together to show a mirror to the society. The book is written by a debutante author, Shatrugna Vadwlas who has done a pretty neat job in putting the story together. It goes beyond the usual life of an engineer and peeks into various dimensions of our society. From NRIs to American born confused Desis, ragging in engineering colleges to workplace dynamics, this book has it all. The reader follows Kiriti on a bumpy ride of life from birth to a student of engineering to a politician and a mountain climber. And then there is the clown which just spices up the story to the next level. As a plus, the author has added an innovative game to the book which is based on a Japanese game.It is heartening to see an author putting up such an effort to make the book so interesting. However, I felt that the book-length could have been shortened. Also, some of the chapters were way too long. All

Blogger Interview - 9 - Tarun Singh

I am starting this interview with an awesome pic of Tarun & me.   Tell our readers a bit about yourself A. Hi everyone, I am Tarun Singh. I am in my 20s. I am a third-year computer engineering student. I am passionate about blogging, online shopping, and digital marketing.  Currently, I do part time blogging because I have to manage time between college studies and blogging. In the future, I am thinking of going with full-time blogging as my career. I have recently started another blog  OfferSutra  with my 2 college friends to realize my dream of full-time blogging.   Some words about your blog  I started my blog  in June 2013. The story behind this domain name is that at that time, I was reading about IM(Internet Marketing) so much.  So it made sense to name my blog as 'Internet Marketeer Tarun Singh' or in short 'I M Tarun Singh'. However, my blog is not about Internet Marketing.  It's all about

Is self publishing confined to digital publishing?

Off late there has been a lot of discussion going around self-publishing and how it is becoming popular in India. The title refers to a query that came up on the WRIMO India group the other day. So is self-publishing just about digital publishing or it goes beyond the virtual as well. The answer would be no, self-publishing has indeed crossed over to print as well. However, the scope has been limited. Self-publishing as a concept actually grew from print, when some writers with enough resources who grew tired of the dominance of traditional publishers, went to a printer and got their books printed. They would then market these on their own, lugging them from one bookstore to another.  Digital publishing actually took self-publishing to an all new level. Ease of technology, motivated many authors, facing rejections from traditional sources to actually go ahead with self-publishing. The acceptability of self-publishing has grown so much that many authors now prefer to make

The advent of CousCous in Indian food scene

A few days ago I was at this cafe with a friend who decided to order CousCous with Mushroom and Tomato sauce. CousCous is a staple dish from North African regions which has off late captured the imagination of the Europeans. It is very popular in France and Spain. But in India, CousCous has seen a very slow penetration. It is a healthy and nutritious item on the menu and very similar in taste to other Indian foods. One of the reasons I feel for its slow spread is that adequate awareness has not happened for it.Hence my post today to ask you all what you think about couscous?