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Blogger Interview - 9 - Tarun Singh

I am starting this interview with an awesome pic of Tarun & me.

 Tell our readers a bit about yourself

A. Hi everyone, I am Tarun Singh. I am in my 20s. I am a third-year computer engineering student. I am passionate about blogging, online shopping, and digital marketing. 

Currently, I do part time blogging because I have to manage time between college studies and blogging. In the future, I am thinking of going with full-time blogging as my career. I have recently started another blog OfferSutra with my 2 college friends to realize my dream of full-time blogging.

 Some words about your blog

 I started my blog in June 2013. The story behind this domain name is that at that time, I was reading about IM(Internet Marketing) so much. 

So it made sense to name my blog as 'Internet Marketeer Tarun Singh' or in short 'I M Tarun Singh'. However, my blog is not about Internet Marketing. 

It's all about online shopping. The blog is a result of my passion for blogging and online shopping. The unique thing about my blog is that it is the first shopping blog in India for men by a man.

 Your Favorite Blog

 It is impossible to choose one blog as my favorite. I have read many blogs till date. Choosing one blog as a favorite will be an insult to other blogs.

SEO or SMO, what is more, important for a blog today?

Both SEO and SMO are important. But I focus only on SEO because that's where my strength lies. Also, the niche of my blog suits readers from search engine more since my blog gives buying advice. 

It's not like that people on social media will be waiting for my post to make a buying decision. They will just google.

 An ideal blog according to you would be?

According to me, an ideal blog would answer problems of readers as well also act as an outlet for the blogger to share his/her unique views about the topic. If these two criteria are satisfied, traffic and money would automatically come.

The most defining moment of your blogging life

The most defining moment of my blogging life came when my blog was selected in the Top 15 Shopping Blogs in India. The interesting thing about this was that my blog was the only blog for shopping for men in the list. Also, I was the only man in the list completely dominated by ladies.

Any tips or advice for readers to promote their blogs? 

Here is what I do to promote my blog:

1. Share post on my blog's facebook page.

2. Share post on my Twitter handle.

3. Share post on Stumbleupon. Most people neglect it but it brings a lot of traffic.

4. Share post on relevant subreddit on Reddit.

5. I send the email newsletter to blog subscribers.

In the end, I just want to thank Tushar for having me here. It was great to answer all the questions. This is my first interview as a blogger.

Interested in being featured in this section? Drop in a mail at Orangy.In@Gmail.Com


M Jha said…
It was quite interesting and instructive to read Tarun's interview. I have been quite often benefited by his advice on buying gadgets. He is prompt, precise and helpful. I wish him success in his venture.
- M Jha

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