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India on My Plate - Gurgaon

I had the opportunity to lunch at India on My Plate the other day and the experience was just fabulous. The lunch kicked off with Gujarat's Khakras accompanied with Neer Emore, which was basically a Chettinaad version of Butter Milk.

The staff informed me that the Brand master Indra Dev himself gets involved in the Menu selection which is changed frequently. 

In starters, the best dishes were of chicken. In fact, Murg Hazarvi is an IOMP specialty. The Ram Ladoo, which were served as a delicacy from Delhi were more like Amritsari Ladoos which are quite famous. The name Ram Ladoo perhaps comes from the famous namesakes available at Chandni Chowk in Old Delhi.

One thing I loved about their table setting was that they serve the mint chutneys and rest of the sauces in buckets, placed at each table. These things are well in demand to accompany Indian appetizers and snacks. Instead of serving them in small bowls, wherein, the diner asks for a repeat, they have very thoughtfully placed these small buckets with generous amounts of sauces/chutneys.

The sweet dishes were also very Indian and authentic. Efforts were visible to preserve that Indian touch.


For drinks I tried Strawberry lemonade and Mojito both recommended by the restaurant staff. The Strawberry drink was quite and highly recommended, nothing to write home about Mojito though. 


India on my Plate - Fortune Select Excalibur Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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