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Ghungroo - The Sounds of Yore - Delhi's first Dinner + Theatre experience

Ghungroo - The Sounds of Yore is a captivating experience of theater which is followed by concept dining. 
Timings - 6.15 p.m - 9.30 p.m.

Attention has been paid to every detail. I had the opportunity to visit the green rooms before the performance began to talk to the performers. But a signal snafu at Delhi Metro delayed me. I reached the venue just in time, to be met by the gracious people of the group. The led me to a well designed auditorium where the stage was set for the performance of the day

Ghungroo - The Sounds of Yore
Ghungroo encapsulates the spirit and journey of Delhi, the capital city of India. It traces Delhi's roots and history with crafty videos, soothing narrative and mind blowing performances. The performers brought on stage an amazing energy level which just took their performance to a high. You are seated in a very lively and well laid out arrangement in the auditorium. It was so beautiful that the ambience makes you feel so relaxed and at peace. The performance lasts for an hour post which you are invited to dance along with the performers and even get candid pictures clicked with the team.


Here is a video snippet to give you an idea of the mesmerizing performance.

 The dinner post the performance is delicious and splendid. It is an outdoor setting and has been named Angaarey. The team has worked hard on curating the right menu which is authentic and straight from the fire.It also goes well with the overall theme of Ghungroo, that is very Delhi like food. You have a variety of barbeque snacks like fish, mutton seekh and chicken. For vegetarians, mushroom, seekh and cottage cheese fill the plate. Even for dinner the vegetables were very thoughtfully prepared some of them like the Indian way of cooking over a tawa. Lentil was prepared with the right simmer and served right in bowls.

The table setting is inviting and very well laid out.

The burning coals feel so perfect on a windy night such as the one I visited at.

Dinner becomes all the more enjoyable with the moon looking upon you and the trees forming an ideal backdrop for dinner. If your mouth is watering already wait till you hear what I had as sweets post dinner. The Shahi Tukda was the best, I have ever had in Delhi. The jalebis were fresh, crisp to the core and had the right amount of sugar. The only problem with such delicious food is that once you start, it is difficult to stop. (I say this, as I was the last one to leave. Gosh it did look embarrassing but then the Jalebis were too good to ignore another helping.)

About the organizers - Rudra XP

Rudra XP specialized in soul enriching experiences, group tours, travel and other customized journeys.  It is a small team of passionate people who just love their work. In all my interactions with them, I found them extremely involved with their work and totally crazed up with the idea of creating something special.



Ghungroo & Angaare are hosted at the Parsi Anjuman which is near the Delhi Gate.

To reach - If riding Delhi Metro to the venue, disembark from ITO station and exit from gate no. 3. Its 6-10 minutes walking from the station, next to Maulana Azad College.

By Road - Its on the Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg, just opposite the Petrol Pump.

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