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Causes and home remedies for teenage hair loss

It is not easy to cope up with teenage hair loss problem because if immediate solution is not taken, then this problem can play havoc on teenager’s self-esteem in a big way. Young generation definitely pays great value on how they look so teenage hair loss problem can be real tough for them to handle. There are many causes of teenage hair loss and homely solutions that can help in combating this condition in an effectual way! Teenagers love to experiment with their tresses which forced them to make use of number of hair products on their hair. This can be one of the most prominent causes of hair loss in teenagers. The presence of harsh chemicals in hair care products, excessive use of styling instruments like rollers, blow dryers take toll on the health of hair thereby making hair roots weak and eventually causing hair loss. Even the chemicals which are used during perming and other styling treatments cause hair fall problem in a big way. Not only this, even unhealthy dietary pattern,