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Easy Ways to Make Money Online

Short on cash? With however much time you have in your day, try one or a few of these easy ways to make money. Some of these can even turn into a full time job if you’re successful. ·       Sell stuff on eBay and other similar websites. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. There is no cost for putting a product up for sale, but the reward is more than you had. Put a product up for bid or for fast sale to earn a quick buck. ·       Blogging can certainly earn a few extra. Put some classifieds on your blog, as hosting ads on your blog or blogging website can surprisingly earn you a decent wage. ·       Moderate forums on any topic you choose. Company and creators of forums don’t have time to troll their site and delete the inappropriate comments and will usually pay someone else to do it for them. And the good news for you is there will always be a forum that needs moderating. ·       Researchers are always in need of subjects and often put their surveys up online for people to
India and Indians have always been going crazy over outdated western hand me outs. Be it, pesticides, cosmetics, defense equipments, fashion or an aging porn star

Hooplah over FDI in retail

Off late, everyone is jumping up and down on FDI in retail and the problems it will solve (As if it is the ultimate panacea of all the problems in India). Frankly it is boring to the point of a piss off. It now seems that everyone in the nation is advocating this FDI as if they are the experts on economic affairs or trade affairs. Well, if we have such a dumb economist of a Prime Minister, why can't we brag something about economics? But the advantages being pointed out, are far too exaggerated and  cheesy. It is like you are going to thrust them down my throat. I now even expect to read yet another article, plea in a newspaper that may write that Indians would stop raping their woman if they get more retail stores. Seriously, why all this fuss for a grocery store man? I like reforms, I like a free economy, I like agriculture. I love shopping. But all this going on in the media and elsewhere is pure sham. For more than 60 years Indians could do nothing for their farmers, except pum