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Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojna

Touted as one of the biggest bank deposit mobilization schemes in recent times, what is Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojna? Nothing. Yes, its just a Prime Minister asking banks to do their jobs, which is all being camouflaged in a PR stunt. Banks in India are notorious for their anti customer behaviour especially if they have less money. Such people are just wasting their time. They are not valuable clients with promises of good diwali gifts. In 1970s all banks in India were nationalised by government for reasons best known to people of those times. But one of the reasons of course was to make banks work for politicians and big businesses. Banks did as masters in Delhi told them and this culture still remains. Customer service is least of priority of any bank.  So if they did have some soft corner for their customers, it would have been easy for people to open bank accounts. And we wouldn't have a Prime Minister, lending the title of his post to a scheme to increase bank accounts.

CallAtHome - convenience and comfort

Mrs Majumdar dreads big cities. Its been three years since she came to Gurgaon from her home in a tiny hamlet of Madhya Pradesh.  She was not very enthusiastic about but after death of her husband, it made sense to shift with her only son, Rakesh who has a job here. But as her son  and daughter in law are at work, she feels helpless at times, especially when one time she needed a plumber to fix the kitchen faucet and she couldn't find one. Rakesh had called in someone and all the haggling over price had her mentally drained. Reema is a recent divorcee and she is loving her new found independence. She has moved in recently into a new flat with her daughter and is busy furnishing the new house. But sometimes she feels she could just hire a driver for a day or two, especially when she has to go over to her mother's sister's house in Noida. She likes going their for the change and longing for family but driving through is tough for her at times. Mr Pathak has a house in Gu