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I always had a trouble looking for a camera bag that could meet all my requirements. It has been an ongoing problem for so long now… But during my stay at Pittsburgh, I was enthused to purchase a Tamrac Velocity 8X Camera Bag (Model Number 5748) and I must confess that I’m utterly pleased with my purchase. You can view the Tamrac webpage in order to browse the features of this bag but I just can’t help myself from recommending this bag to anyone who is in search of a comfortable bag that can carry wide angle lens, a flash and a camera as huge as my Canon EOS 5D series II (telephoto lens attached). There’s a pouch right at the front which can cater small commodities like spare batteries, memory cards etc. In fact I fit in my wallet and glasses there too.

A Green, lively, fruity world.

(This picture has not been photoshoped or anything. These are its natural colors.) On my resume, gardening is not listed as a hobby. If any one asks me a question in any job or business related interview about my hobbies, I would never mention gardening. I don't know the exact reason, but perhaps this is because I see it as much more than gardening for me. I would like to call farming, as a way of life that we should all adopt and live for. People tell me, we don't have the time or resources to plant vegetables or trees or shrubs. We all have written long essays in out kid days, on what the hell is happening to our planet with environment concerns and pollution. A new term that has come out as a cool one is called global warming. In our increasingly goal oriented, ambitious, career oriented lives, nature comes down the list. Hence, I don't wish to rant on about nature problems or list advices to people. It is your planet, give a damn or not, I don't care. But for my pla

Is Facebook The New "Social Life"???

Yes, most of us are bored of it, and long gone is the time when "fb" was about those silly never-true-yet-consulted applications, or the ville games. But, can we afford to deactivate our facebook accounts? Yes, its a social networking site, though frankly, the need of the "networking site" thingy in the description is decreasing at a significant pace! Inference: Facebook is our social life!!! We come to know about deaths, marriages, accidents, meeting, reunions, even college fest's events first through facebook, before the news reaches us through any other source...isn't it...ummm...getting a bit over types? MOREOVER, we write on each other's walls rather than the contemporary (okay, contemporary for my time,majorly) messaging on the reason that we rely on facebook more, and believe, that a person might or might not check their phone but is bound to check his/her notifications (and it sounds so funny!). Or maybe, si

To Samardeep Singh Banga with Love Hate

I don't want to care where and how and why he went away I just want to be Selfish Today, I just want my friend back He loved Mathematics I hated Mathematics Who cares I just want to be selfish today I want my friend back He loved gyming I kept my distance from those weights Who cares I just want to be selfish today I want my friend back His room was the epitome of mess and disorder I liked my room sparkling clean Who cares I just want to be selfish today I want my friend back He never remembered where he placed anyone's books I preferred a prim and proper library Who cares I just want to be selfish today I want my friend back He liked to zoom and zap his bike and car I wanted a peaceful pace Who cares I just want to be selfish today I want my friend back He loved gadgets and computers I use them all, only for my need Who cares I just want to be selfish today I want my friend back He believed

A fatherly story

You plant a jamun seed in your tiny little soil bed. One fine day, you see a 2 feet sapling in it's place. It is jostling for space and has another one of its species for company. You ponder over the issue and decide to re - plant them both to your factory. Too much water and too sandy and polluted soil, makes them sad and bare of leaves. You become sad on seeing a stick of a to be tree in the ground. Its leaves are dried and gone. Probably the plant is now dead. One fine evening, you are roaming in your factory, trying to do (as usual) 4-5 tasks at once. In the middle of a discussion with someone, you stop. You are suddenly devoid of speech. One of the dead sticks is now showing spots of green. You keep talking as you go near and check the other plant too. Your heart thumping with anticipation. Yes their are green spots on this one too. Probably a sign of new leaves sprouting out. So, the Jamun saplings won't die after all. You feel excited, happy and grateful to God, to allow