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Nowadays people have started using laptops instead of desktops because they are compact and save space as well as can be carried away anywhere without disturbing the work. These laptops can be carried away in a bag which is called a laptop bag or laptop case. These cases are available in many brands as well as colours and different materials. When the laptop is bought a bag comes with it. If you want a case for your laptop then Dell leather case is a great option to choose from. The case is perfect for the laptop as it holds the laptop tight and therefore your product is safe. It is very attractive to fit your style. The leather case gives a very rich looks in your hands when carried along anywhere. It gives a secure environment to your laptop. Every laptop comes with a transformer as well as the charging cable so this dell laptop case has a space for everything to put. It comes with great storage space. IT has different compartments with flaps to put everything neatly and separate

India win; only on paper

Hi All, Sunday's clash between India and South Africa went right down to the wire and till the last ball it was still anybody's game. Even after the last ball was bowled, spectators had to wait with bated breath for the verdict from the third umpire. Apart from the nail biting excitement the match brought to me, I felt something else which I thought I should pen down and share with everyone. A drawn result would have been more comfortable with me, for the kind of character that the South African lower order showed and for the not so extraordinary performance displayed by India. Before I get branded as a traitor, let's get something clear here. South African top order, sans Jacques Kallis, did collapse and probably deserved to lose. But help came from unexpected quarters and how. From about 180/7, the lower order ensured that the match went down right to the last ball. The temperament shown by the SA batsmen especially Wayne Parnell is applaud able and worthy of a lesson for

Valentine in Love

Well, I was waiting for my wife to come back from office and I am still waiting. She is yet to leave from office. And then I thought of writing something – I have not written for a long time. And I wrote a small poem – Valentine in Love . Yes – I am waiting for my Valentine to come back home. Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and it will be our 4th V’day together. 4th in 12 years of love in 28 years of life – little too less, I know. But think of it – from now on, it will just increase and will keep on increasing! Saint Valentine’s Day all over the world is celebrated as a day of love. For young lovers around the world, this is like independence day (lol) or may be Christmas or may be Eid! And in our India? We have Pramod Muthalik and a few similar lead astray minds, who have converted this day into a scary day. People are scared to go out on this day – be a married couple or one in love – even a brother thinks twice before picking his sister from school, in fear that these molesters may

Tall leaders....?

Hi All, We all know a political veteran passed away last month. Condolences came in thick and fast from every corner of the country and leaders, across the political spectrum, heaped praises on him and his ability to connect with the masses. Before i go into the topic, let me clarify that this post is not about this man. Watching this spectacle made me ask one question to does one measure a leader's effectiveness. Who should be called a good leader and who is the rotten one.Should the number of years a person spent in politics be a figure of merit? Or should we take into consideration his/her volume of supporters after all ,as the phrase goes, there is strength in numbers... I have observed that we Indians tend to get confused when asked to rate a leader and in good old Indian fashion play it safe and brand him a great leader. Especially when he is above his 60s at the time of death and had had a good fan following in his heydays. The media, for its part

The Tiger

________________________________________ Tiger Tiger. burning bright, In the forests of the night; What immortal hand or eye. Could frame thy fearful symmetry? ________________________________________ These are the lines from the famous poem, The Tiger by William Blake. I heard these lines from my father when I was in my growing years. What a wonderful Poem! At times I feel the poet might have travelled to India and looked closely into the eyes of the Royal Bengal Tiger before penning down the immortal lines. The poem, no doubt will remain immortal; but will the subject be? If we do not care and do not take steps right now, the subject of the poem, the tiger will not remain with us for long. India is one of the countries of the world which has shown drastic and rather alarming fall in the population of tigers over the last few decades. The country started the last century with a count of over 40,000 tigers spread all over. Now, after a hundred years, as human population rose

PTU - BBA - Advertising and Sales Promotion

Paper ID - [B0151] BBA - (BB -803)(SO5) (LE) (Sem- 6th) Advertising and Sales Promotion Time: 03 hours Maximum Marks - 75 Instructions to Candidates: 1) Section - A is compulsory. 2) Attempt any nine questions from Section - B. Section - A Q-1) (15*2= 30) a) Marketing Communication. b) A hierarchy of effects model. c) quick Decision Model. d) Consumer advertising. e) Press advertising. f) Industrial Advertising. g) Advertising Copy. h) Visualization. i) Copy Layout. j) Brand Equity. k) T.V. and Radio Advertising. l) Media Planning. m) Media Scheduling. n) Sales Displays. 0) Merchandising. Section - B ( 9*5 = 45) Q-2) Explain Briefly different models of marketing communication. Q-3) Discuss role of advertising in marketing. Q-4) Explain different kinds of advertising.

PTU - Equity Research and Portfolio Management

Paper ID [B0135] BBA (BB - 704) (S05) (LE) ( Sem - 6th) Equity Research and Portfolio Management Time: 03 hours Maximum Marks - 75 Instruction to Candidates: 1) Section - A is compulsory. 2) Attempt any 9 questions from Section - B. Section - A Q1) (15*2=30) a) Put option. b) Warrants. c) Stock Index Futures. d) Long Term Securities. e) Clearing House. f) Point and Figure Chart. g) Japanese Candle Stick Chart. h) Moving Averages. i) Head and Shoulder Pattern. j) Risk of a portfolio. k) Unsystematic risk. l) Diversification. m) Mutual Funds. n) SEBI. 0) Managed Portfolios. Section - B (9*5 = 45) Q-2 Explain the rationale of futures and options. Q-3 Write a detailed note on Index Futures. Q-4 Write a note on long term securities. Q-5 Explain