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Summer Cocktail Fiesta at Pier 38, Cyberhub Gurgaon

As temperatures soar high, so does the urge to have an icy cold drink to beat the scorching heat for an instant relief! And sometimes a boozy yet healthy chiller is all required to slurp-on all day long. And what can be more interesting than sipping an alcoholic beverage out of a watermelon or coconut that will transport you straight to an island/beach! Pier 38- An Indo Arabic Kitchen & Cocktail Bar has rounded up some of the most amazing summery cocktails with a 'healthier' twist like, Tipsy Watermelon, Coco Bae, Hawana Dreams, Blushing Lady and Mr Gintastic! Presented innovatively in shells of fresh fruits- watermelon, pineapple and coconut, these creations are perfect to make you feel refreshing for keeping summer blues at bay - A conversation starter indeed!  Starting at INR 795+ Taxes, avail the offer of buy 1 and get 1 on these fruity drinks.  So, keep your cool, pick your poison- be it gin, wine, or vodka and check out the curated collection of flatt

Big Influencer Bigger Marketing Biggest Industry

We all know how effective influencer marketing is and how much ROI it generates. Almost everyone today on digital platform knows what is influencer marketing and are unknowingly being influenced by influencers. This is helping brands to get more customers, and their margin of profit is increasing. Does this give rise to one of the most obvious questions about how great is influencer marketing? This article is all about finding out about how big is the branch of influencer marketing. Influencer marketing is the term which is comparatively new in the field of marketing. This term, when first came into existence, nobody realized that it could be so impactful in the long run. Today it is the most impactful type of marketing. Due to its innovative strategy, influencer marketing is still un-parallel and unmatched. In such a short time it has climbed up the ladder real fast. It is expected to be a $10 billion industry by 2020. Let’s do a detailed study of the biggest platform of in

LinkedIn Groups and Marketing

LinkedIn is the only digital platform that has about 450 million users from more than 200 hundred counties. This is the ultimate solution if you want to start building your business, make connections, and improve your business abilities. This is the place where careers are built, and progress is made. Marketing groups in LinkedIn There are several groups in LinkedIn for marketing serving several purposes. There might be instances where multiple groups are serving a single, and there might be instances where various groups serve many purposes. Following are some of the most influential groups that might be useful to you –  Content marketing B2B – In this type of marketing groups, the brands look for people who would generate content for them to bridge the gap between people and the brands. In this kind of group, plenty of resources are involved, and this group contains many skillful marketers who use their writing flare for better brand projection.  Sea

When Influencer Marketing Goes Wrong

We always about what is the right strategy for influencer marketing and how an influencer has to be chosen to get the maximum amount of benefits. But not every time things go as planned. Some times what we perceive is not consumed by the customers. That’s when we realize that our step to choose an influencer or the strategy to project our brand has gone wrong. This is when we need to go back to the blackboard and start from the scrap with a new strategy and new ideas. Not necessarily we need a new influencer but some situations may force us to change the influencer. Strategies can be made again with new methods of brand projection, but when influencer choosing has gone wrong that invites a great deal of trouble. This article is more about how to not fall for wrong influencers. Keep in mind that changing influencer has merits as well as demerits. The influencer who was previously appointed has already created an impression among the customers and became a face associated wi

5 Things to Love About Honey & Dough Gurgaon

Honey & Dough, a premium bakery brand from SDA, Delhi, opened up branches around the Nation's Capital as its name flourished. One region still not covered by them was Gurgaon and I often wondered why? Recently, to my surprise, an invite popped in, for the launch of their outlet in Gurgaon at Golf Course Road, or if you prefer new names, Gurugram at Raghvendra Marg. Amazing place, good cold coffee and bakes, couldn't find much to complain about the place. Here are 5 top things I liked about the place. 1. The Location - The ground floor of the upscale office tower, Two Horizon Centre at Golf Course Road, is already occupied by Foodhall and Cha Bar.  The area is easily approachable and the whole office and residential area around makes up for a lively crowd. 2. The Menu - For a long time now, Gurgaon has been wanting for a true blood coffee shop and bakery which goes beyond the cocktail and Beer thing. The menu is filled with all the usual baked goodies,

7 Effective Influencer Marketing Hacks

Influencer marketing today is fetching huge Returns on Investments (ROI) and any influencer having a fair amount of followers is being approached by the brands for promoting their products. It is a pointless question to ask if influencer marketing is effective or not. It is found that influencer marketing attracts higher-quality customers because social media affluent people are more likely to recommend products they see on social media to their family and friends.   If you are an entrepreneur and looking for ideas to invest in influencer marketing then you are looking at the right article. 1.       Perceive the right influencer : First things first, finding the right influencer is the most important. For this, 2 things have to be kept influencer mind; firstly, the brand or product that you want to market and secondly does the influencer you are going to choose to have the kind followers who are going to consume your product. If this one is done right then one the rest

5 Fiction Books to Read this Summer of 2019

Last week, I shared a list of books I would strongly recommend you to read this summer. I purposefully, made two lists, one for the non fiction genre , and another for fiction. This is to give you the choice as per your chosen form of reading.  So what should you be reading from the fiction bookshelves this summer? Here are a few books I say you must read. 1. Beartown by Fredrik Backman Genre - General Fiction This is a profound story of a town obsessed with hockey. Fredrik Backman is an exceptionally talented storyteller and he puts his skills well to sketch detailed characters and narrate emotions. Beartown is a town possessed to win. Win at any cost for at sake is survival of the town. You don't have to be a hockey fan or an enthusiast to relate with this story following a town ice hockey team. This is the story of friendship, betrayal, community and the meaning of life. Be prepared for a heavy read when you pick up this book. If you love it, you can pick

Influencer marketing:2019 and Beyond

It is fair to say that influencer marketing is a major part of promoting brands and projecting it to a greater mass through the followers of influencers. We can all trace the history of influencer marketing back to the time when it was first introduced or to when the term was first coined. But the real challenge is to see which way it is headed to. It has sure come a long way and has delivered to its fullest potential. In this article let us see where influencer marketing is headed to after all these years. Let’s take a look at the present scenario of influencer marketing and how is it working to have a better understanding. It has been found in a study that 25% of influencers would reject an offer that has a strict and rigid contract. It goes without saying that in today’s digital world anyone with a fair number of followers is an influencer. Hence the scope for them is high this gives them the independence to accept offers according to their choice. 83% of brands are

5 Non Fiction Books To Read this Summer of 2019

I am flooded with requests for recommendations for books to read as I keep updating my reading progress across Social Media. Sharing 5 top picks, I would recommend to everyone wishing to read Non Fiction this summer. Goodbye, Things by Fumio Sasaki Minimalism is not a new concept or a trend. But its a sure way to deal with everyday stress and duress of routine life. This is a simple book by Japanese author Fumio Sasaki and is themed around new Japanese Minimalism. Published in 2017. 2. The Checklist Manifesto by Atul Gawande Atul Gawande is a Doctor by profession and a prolific writer. All of his books have been bestsellers in their own right. In this book, Dr. Gawande covers the simple topic of Checklists and how they can crack the complexities around us. It gives us a unique insight into the history and relevance of Checklists in our everyday  life. Published in Winter of 2009. 3. The Land Grabbers: The New Fight Over Who Owns the Earth by Fred