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5 Non Fiction Books To Read this Summer of 2019

I am flooded with requests for recommendations for books to read as I keep updating my reading progress across Social Media. Sharing 5 top picks, I would recommend to everyone wishing to read Non Fiction this summer.

  1. Goodbye, Things by Fumio Sasaki
Minimalism is not a new concept or a trend. But its a sure way to deal with everyday stress and duress of routine life. This is a simple book by Japanese author Fumio Sasaki and is themed around new Japanese Minimalism. Published in 2017.

2. The Checklist Manifesto by Atul Gawande

Atul Gawande is a Doctor by profession and a prolific writer. All of his books have been bestsellers in their own right. In this book, Dr. Gawande covers the simple topic of Checklists and how they can crack the complexities around us. It gives us a unique insight into the history and relevance of Checklists in our everyday  life. Published in Winter of 2009.

3. The Land Grabbers: The New Fight Over Who Owns the Earth by Fred Pearce 

First published in the Summer of 2012, this book just opens your eyes wide to the startling realty of what's happening around you. For its not about simple land grabbing but massive acquisitions of swathes of land.  And its happening everywhere on the Earth, giving a few the control of gregarious amounts of land.

4. The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell

Gladwell is a celebrated author and brings deep insights to his works. The Tipping Point is one such exceptional book written by him. It talks about how little things make a huge difference, how for example epidemics are caused. A brilliant read to stimulate your brain. This book was released in 2000 and has been popular ever since. 

5. The Idol Thief by S. Vijay Kumar

The story of Idol thefts in Southern India is a riveting one with the loots of Indian Temples being discovered abroad. It covers the journey of some very talented and genius officers of the governments of India and United States. They diligently worked on this case and uncovered a crime most spectacular. Published in 2018.


Of course if you want, you can pick a copy of I Will Do It, my latest book, a very brief text to  motivate your self.


Let me know what are you reading? Especially in the Non-Fiction genre? Also, your thoughts on the books above?
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