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Summer Cocktail Fiesta at Pier 38, Cyberhub Gurgaon

As temperatures soar high, so does the urge to have an icy cold drink to beat the scorching heat for an instant relief! And sometimes a boozy yet healthy chiller is all required to slurp-on all day long. And what can be more interesting than sipping an alcoholic beverage out of a watermelon or coconut that will transport you straight to an island/beach!

Pier 38- An Indo Arabic Kitchen & Cocktail Bar has rounded up some of the most amazing summery cocktails with a 'healthier' twist like, Tipsy Watermelon, Coco Bae, Hawana Dreams, Blushing Lady and Mr Gintastic! Presented innovatively in shells of fresh fruits- watermelon, pineapple and coconut, these creations are perfect to make you feel refreshing for keeping summer blues at bay - A conversation starter indeed! 
Starting at INR 795+ Taxes, avail the offer of buy 1 and get 1 on these fruity drinks. 

So, keep your cool, pick your poison- be it gin, wine, or vodka and check out the curated collection of flattering,fruitylicious concoctions at Pier 38's Summer Cocktail Fiesta!

Venue-Pier 38 Indo-Arabic Kitchen & Cocktail Bar

1st Floor, Shop 106-107, Cyber Hub, DLF Cyber City, Gurugram
Price- Starting at INR 795+ Taxes (Buy 1 Get 1)
Date- 20th June - 15th July 2019
Timing- All day long (12pm - 12am)
Contact for reservation- 8800202328


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