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5 Things to Love About Honey & Dough Gurgaon

Honey & Dough, a premium bakery brand from SDA, Delhi, opened up branches around the Nation's Capital as its name flourished. One region still not covered by them was Gurgaon and I often wondered why?
Recently, to my surprise, an invite popped in, for the launch of their outlet in Gurgaon at Golf Course Road, or if you prefer new names, Gurugram at Raghvendra Marg.

Amazing place, good cold coffee and bakes, couldn't find much to complain about the place. Here are 5 top things I liked about the place.

1. The Location - The ground floor of the upscale office tower, Two Horizon Centre at Golf Course Road, is already occupied by Foodhall and Cha Bar.  The area is easily approachable and the whole office and residential area around makes up for a lively crowd.

2. The Menu - For a long time now, Gurgaon has been wanting for a true blood coffee shop and bakery which goes beyond the cocktail and Beer thing. The menu is filled with all the usual baked goodies, with healthy salad options, some fast food add ons and a detailed beverage menu.

3. Ambiance -  With all those granite walls and high back chairs, you feel you are in a five star Hotel Lobby, except that this is a smaller space. Still, very comfortable and regal vibes.

4. Almond Croissants - Okay, this is going to be a separate point altogether. I just loved their Almond Croissants, when I visited them. They sampled me with some fresh bakes and having baked some in my time, I can say they were the best I have ever had.

5. Pricing - Its not a discounted store for sure, but marked well as per market rates. But the value add ons like ambiance and location, the price looks reasonable.

Of course the constrained space amidst a heavy rush at the outlet can be counted as a -ve. But overall the fifth outlet of the chain is a great place to sip a coffee, eat and talk your heart out. I have added some pictures to stories at my Instagram account @tusharmangl in case you wish to see some of the highlights of my visit.


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