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Influencer marketing:2019 and Beyond

It is fair to say that influencer marketing is a major part of promoting brands and projecting it to a greater mass through the followers of influencers. We can all trace the history of influencer marketing back to the time when it was first introduced or to when the term was first coined. But the real challenge is to see which way it is headed to. It has sure come a long way and has delivered to its fullest potential. In this article let us see where influencer marketing is headed to after all these years.

Let’s take a look at the present scenario of influencer marketing and how is it working to have a better understanding. It has been found in a study that 25% of influencers would reject an offer that has a strict and rigid contract. It goes without saying that in today’s digital world anyone with a fair number of followers is an influencer. Hence the scope for them is high this gives them the independence to accept offers according to their choice.

83% of brands are ready to increase their budget for influencer marketing. Yes! You read that right, that’s a staggering figure to give you an idea of how dominant is influencer marketing in the digital world. There are many brands spending a lot to get their desired of influencer who they think to can project their brand better even though that might exceed the budget but, they are ready to take that call because the influencer of their choice would make up for the extra allotted budget through ROI (Returns On Investment).

It is to be noted that 73% of brands check their appointed influencer’s audience health manually. it doesn’t matter if the brand has been able to establish its presence in the digital world, there’s always a scope of improvement. And the brands are now down to a cut-throat competition that requires them to be at their toes always. This gives rise to extra efforts such as checking manually the influencer’s audience strength and health.

These are just not facts about influencer marketing but these are the indicators indicating in which way marketing about influencers is heading. Don’t take these numbers just as digits, it shows the future of influencer marketing. It denotes that influencer marketing is gaining importance day by day and it doesn’t seem to just stop after appointing the influencer, now the companies have begun to monitor the influencer and are ready to take the next big step for influencers that are taking care of influencer’s followers. This goes on to show how the digital world has evolved into and how things are going to be in the future.


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