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An eternal bond

An eternal bond teenage is marked with rapid changes mental and emotional, it is a time when one just begins to realize how big the world is and how much there is to do this in itself makes up exited all pumped up with adrenaline and prove our worth but at times instills a dreaded fear of ending up not as how we want.... not only that but teenage is also a time when we redifine our relationships....some take a backseat where as new ones sprout out lending us wings for the new flights to come. And in times of self importance we often forget a presence that is attached to our very soul, an anchor that keeps us well stable no matter how hard the tides trash on, and it is this presence that we take no long to disregard A mother and daughter bond is one of the the nurturening essence is passed from one to another..A mother acts like a friend supporting us during all pre adult blues, a guide when we don’t know how to go ahead, and a teacher when we struggle with our first w

Content adaptation

Small is big, is the mantra for our generation. It is taken to be the gospel truth; hence it has been followed strictly. And the result is for everyone to see. Everything is shrinking. Be it clothes or websites. For websites to get smaller is not a feasible option, but to enable it on a small device, definitely is! And so it has been done. Personal Digital Assistants or PDA’s can now allow websites to be displayed on their screens and be worked on. And the process of shrinking the website from our computer screen to the PDA screen is what we call content adaptation. Simply put, content adaptation is the process by which content is made adaptable or suitable for other devices. It often branches out into media content and web content. And this content is what is reformed and made adaptable for the small screen thriving in the palm of your hand. While one may not put much thought to it while using or browsing the data on the mobile phone, content adaptation, indee

Reality TV...taking it too far?

Hi all, There has been a huge uproar in Parliament over the controversy generated by reality shows like Such Ka Saamna [Face the Truth]. While this session of Parliament is for debating the budget, our politicians are doing what they do best; digressing from arcane and not-so-people related topics to ones that can be easily identified by their constituents. While their actions are not pardonable, they seem to have raised a valid point. Reality TV shows in general seems to be catering to our dark sides. From encouraging people to 'voluntarily' disclose sleazy facts about themselves to blatantly showing how different individuals feel about each other(and in the process getting them to spew out a few vulgarities!) to clearly placing the participants in harm's way, anything goes for reality TV. It is this perversion for catching as many eyeballs as possible is what has seemed to create all the furore. Now big question is where do we draw the line and who does it? Who sh

Lessons from a dead body

Some time back we got a message on the phone that one of my distant relatives died. I attended the funeral along with my parents. I usually like to observe a lot in a funeral as it is quite peculiar place and people behave differently. That was a small village and when I entered the funeral house there were hardly any people as we were the first to receive the message and people just started coming. I can see the last death vehicle was under construction. I watched it with keen interest as I may have to travel in that one day. The making was simple. They placed two pieces of one vertically cut bamboo in either sides. They filled in the middle space by placing small sticks in the form ofl ‘x’ touching both the vertically placed bamboos. They tied it very hard with jute thread. Then to make it flat, they spread tightly knit coconut leaves on it. That’s it. The last vehicle was ready. When the time this was over, I could see my dad chatting with a gang of five to six people. The son a

As I left...

As I left She was standing by the tree Her big wet eyes staring at me She tried, but could tell not a word She looked up, praying to the lord And I left As I left The road cried as I stepped on it The clouds rumbled as I took the street The air whistled through the bamboo woods I walked past, as my mind broods And I left As I left The moon hid behind the cloud The lark screamed pretty aloud The drops of tears left her eyes As she looked up into the skies And I left As I left Something broke in me, deep inside As I leave alone my newlywed bride I wanted to too, but I did not cry But she did, as she bid me goodbye And I left for the border – as my motherland calls for me… A Tribute, to the Kargil War Heroes!!

Content writing

Internet thrives on content. Just as we breathe in oxygen to survive, the internet needs content to thrive on. It becomes essential for a website or a webpage to have constructive content. And that’s where content writing comes in. A profession having taken the world by surprise, content writing has changed the face of online marketing. It is a profession which doesn’t need a qualifying degree or diploma. This then enables every man to give it a shot and make a living out of content writing. Like every coin has two sides, content writing also has its pros and cons. It has opened doors to millions all over the world; but has also increased the amount of spam. At a time when the farthest person on the planet is only a few clicks away and technology is craving an online market, content writing has only an upward ladder to climb. A profession which is only a click away to millions, the scope for revenue generation is huge, to say the least. While many make money o

Content designer

The success of a website depends chiefly on the design and content. While many were unaware of the importance of both factors, their significance increases drastically when put together. The purpose of the website is to inform and with the correct content, the website can become extremely useful. Content designers are credited for the content they provide on website. Content designers provide content for numerous websites. The content may be visual or written. It may be specific to science, arts or commerce. While certain content designers can dabble in almost every field there is, some specialize in certain subjects. With the freedom of choice available to all content designers, they can choose to take up any number of assignments they are comfortable with and be compensated handsomely for it. While the market for content designers is huge, to enter and successfully carve a niche for oneself can be difficult. But once an entry is made, there is no looking back. Success follows har


"Let me read the newspaper and I care not what is preached at the pulpit or what is enacted in congress" -Wendell Phillips Mail today makes you say just that. With its powerful technique of creating vivid impressions on the minds of the readers, mail today curbs the public opinion in a real effective way. It brings out the real meaning of democracy in our nation. In the present times when we need definite solutions for innumerable problems, mail today dutifully guides your attention to them and urges us, the citizens if the world’s largest democracy, to take solid steps to set them right. the daily presents itself beautifully by lavish display of colored pictures apt to the headlines they are displayed adjacent to. it offers the readers to look at the world through not just one,but a number of,be it sports,international news,national news,local news,leisure( labelled as-the laughline),the multiplex guide,telly wat

Blogger Interview # 5 Karthik

Words can not be found to describe fame and popularity, Contorted Reality has gained in a very short span of time. Karthik, the wizard of words and creator and writer of this blog, answered a few questions for us recently and here I present them before you. Tell our readers a bit about yourself: Affable. Amiable. Candid. Egotist. Gamer. Internet-addict. English language enthusiast. Poetic. Polyglot. Realist. Urbane. Your favorites: blog/blogger - I do not blogroll/follow people for the heck of it... That should suffice. There is something unique about each blog on my blogroll. Gotta visit to find out. :) blogging platform (blogger/wordpress/etc) - Impressed by Wordpress' premium offers, but will be forever tilted towards Blogger (its "choking" notwithstanding...); a Google devotee, after all! Your definition of blogging would be: A portal... That takes you in to the mind of the person behind those words. "Blogging as a social medium." Your thoughts on


I don’t know how, but sometimes I develop an uncanny ability to rub the wrong side of both the parties who support and differ on a topic. I think I may do that now by writing this one. I would request all of you to read this post with out any perception as I said in my previous post. (Whoever hasn ’t read my previous post, can read here . I am an agnostic, so I am not going to use words like God’s will or satanic etc. I just love, observe and hail nature for its massiveness, appearance and system. If you can keenly observe the nature, you can understand that it runs its show not by threatening or advising but by motivating people. I believe nature wants every one of us to learn about life. An inactive person can not learn anything and so it created hunger and ego. The nature wants the life flourishing and so it created attraction between genders, desire, fear of death (they want to leave some kind of their representation in this world after death), fear of life (there should be some o

The Twins

I studied in one of the most boring school of the town. I was sick of my monotonous routine. Our school was famous for giving 100 percent result in boards. So there were a lot of new faces when I entered in my class. On the very first day, our sections were shuffled and both my best friends were in different section. So I was looking for the people which will be able to befriend me. I already knew few girls, but I didn’t felt that anybody from them worth my trust. I finally decided to sit with a girl. She was a brilliant classical dancer. But her character – she was famous in our school not only for dance but her character. One of the most spoiled diva of our school. In boys I didn’t know anybody was I never even cared about them till last year. Among the boys, many became my friends later and one of them was Harman. He was a cool dude. He was what we call a freak actually. First two months we created a fighting record. We use to fight daily twice a day. He has a twin. Actually they

Black Hat and White Hat techniques of SEO

People like controversy. Black Hat and White Hat Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques controversy has endured since SEO arose as a feasible method for establishing a Web site in the late 1990s. Each proposes a different gate to make a Web Site as effective as possible for high rankings in search engines. Both techniques do work in diverse ways. The White Hat techniques spots on using clean code and accomplished optimization method, while avoiding all issues that could generate in a forfeit from a search engine. White Hat SEO techniques are not associated with many risks, because the White Hat method aspires to follow the rules to avoid forfeit or penalty situations. Penalties are generally placed on Web sites for a wide range of violations. The consequences of many penalties are reduced rank positions for a site. Forfeit for blatant violations may cause in site ban, which is the removal completion of a site from a database of search engine. You run to lose about 50% of the tra

Search Engine Marketing

In today’s world, search engine marketing is main activity related with goods promotion and advertisement and also products online. With most Internet browsers these directories have become very essential marketing tools. Millions of consumers count upon the order of listings on a search engines first two pages to locate a website that will give them pertinent information. Search engine marketing is defined as the process of making a web page or site score well in the rankings of search engine. Search engines can deliver a noteworthy amount of pre-qualified and highly desired traffic to your web site, if your site is rightly optimized. Search engine marketing consists of three important fields. They are appropriate web site optimization, submission to the varied search engines, and maintenance. Search engines appropriate optimization means the process of determine desired keyword phrases associated with a site, and assuring that the site places well when those keyword phrases are

She never gave up on me

I am not special and so is my story. As every teenager, when I entered my teenage. It was all fun. But no rose is without thorns. It was all good to have roses but much more difficult was to suffer all the thorns. I jumped a class so I am youngest in the class. When I was in 9th I was 12. So unusually my teen life started in age of 12. Many things were new for me and I really enjoyed them. One of them is being a part of a co- head group. People basically feel that 9th is difficult then 10th. But we all never took it seriously. 1st day of 9th. It was simple opposite to what I had though and had wanted.. The people, I thought who will be able to befriend became my arch nemesis and vice versa. Atibha, Aman the people I thought never can be my friends are now my best friends and Varsha, Chirag and Atul my enemies. But in this all my mother was the one, at end who suffered. Every little fight in school was a punishment for her. I treated her badly. Now when I recall those moments it’s like


today before applying for a job, a seat in an educational institution, membership of a house or a chair of responsibility almost everywhere in the world we are expected to pass a litmus test to determine which side of the great divide we fall on-a black? Or a white? Recent headlines such as "RACIST STATEMENTS HURLED AT SHILPA SHETTY AT A REALITY SHOW" "FEAR AND LOATHING AT MELBOURNE" Prove beyond the extent of any doubt that the global human family is presently facing "racist intimidation”. And it’s not just the recent times where we find traces of such dogmatism. Perhaps even sir Edward VII (1841-1910) were deeply agonized by this detriment when he said- "Because a man has a black face and a different religion from our own, there is no reason why he should be treated as a brute." Thus when we don’t care to deal positively or take fruitful s

HC Verdict

Hearing about the verdict in favor of the homosexuals in Times Of India, i happened to read most of the readers comments. Many people against the verdict made statements like -- 'Its against nature', 'Against god's will', 'We r leading the youths in wrong direction', 'Immoral' etc etc On reading these i would like to ask people who did ever decide what - 'The will of nature is?', 'God's will?', 'Immorality is?' It is 'we people' who years ago decided to give things and phenomena around us names and take decisions. 'We people' gave names like plants,trees,bushes,clouds,house, etc etc. Someone in the past observed trees grow 'up' the ground and roots 'below'. We are conditioned to think 'up' and 'below' are as we have learnt and seen. But what if in history the words were the other way round? We did probably say that trees grow below and the roots up. Similarly we decided w


If you are present then everythig is here If you are not then finding a thing is queer If you are here , then there is no fear but if you are not , then i can't even bear If you are here then i m in gay If you are not then i really don't know the way If you are then nobody confess If you are not then i m helpless If you are here then i m here If you are not then smile i never wear If you are here i just make it all dry If you are not then i m "LEFT TO CRY" If you are here then pain is what i never wear If you are not then i just cry a silent tear If you are here then everything is here because you are my life my self my control my soul my all! - Avisha Munjal

Pygmy- Chuck Palahniuk

'Begins here first account of operative me, agent number 67 on arrival mid-western American airport greater _______ area. Flight ____. Date ______. Priority mission top success to complete. Code name. Operation Havoc. Fellow operatives already pass immigrant control, through secure doors and to embrace own other host family people. Operative Tibor, agent 23; operative Magda, agent 36; operative Ling, agent 19. All violate United States secure port of entry having success. Each now embedded among middle-income corrupt American family, all other homes, other schools, and neighbours of same city. By not after next today, strategy of web of operatives to be established' Agent Number 67- Dispatch First, Pygmy What's the story? The diminutive 13-year-old agent of a totalitarian homeland is sent to the United States to enact Operation Havoc, the sole aim of which is to destabilise the most powerful country in the world. Along with his fellow operatives, he masquerades as a foreig

Blogger Interview # 4 Gauri Mathur

Gauri Mathur is a friend and an avid blogger who entered late into the blogging world, but neverthless has rocked it, with her astounding personality and mystic nature. No wonder, her blog is named Unpredictable Life . Some questions she answered for us :- 1) You are into active blogging today ad blogging is said to be a virtual version of a personal diary. Did you ever maintain a personal diary? Tell us something about it and differences between the two : It’s absolutely right that blogging today has become the virtual version of personal diary. I myself have maintained it and I guess maximum number of people do. Maintaining a diary is always very integral part of someone’s life. Whatever secrets are written it’s totally between the writer and the diary but ones it is showcased as blogging its no longer can be termed as Integral because it becomes very public. Then there is another variation between the diary writing and blogging. When ever we write a diary, we write with t

Search engine optimization

Improving the volume or quality of traffic to a web site from search engine through natural search results is known as Search engine optimization. The more will be the visitors the more it will appear in the search result. These search includes; local search, mage search and industry specific vertical search engines. This is basically design to give web presence to any web site. The strategy of Internet marketing, all considerations are taken by SEO about what people search and how they search. Editing its content and HTML are the basic functions of optimizing a website. It results in increasing the importance of special keywords and also remove unwanted indexing activities. Sometimes SEO also refers to search engine optimizers. It has been invented by consultants who work on optimization projects for the clients and also for the people who do this job sitting at homes. SEO provide with the facility of broader marketing campaign. It is because of effectual SEO, which may need some chan


"it’s a book away from the league" That’s how we can describe "the ladies oracle" in the shortest possible sentence. Authored by heinrich cornelius agrippa,"an infallible prophet of the male sex",contemprory of nostradamus,a personal astrologer to emperor Charles V in 1500s,the book unfolds beautifully the answers to many questions which often trouble the maiden minds or hearts of those who are on the road to find love. “Nothing is more easy or simple,"agrippa tells us. The book answers questions like"shalli marry young?"Or "the man that I love is he faithful to me?"the ladies oracle never fails you or your expectations for an accurate answer. since its a book on charms and spells, the days like January 1,2,3,4,10,20,22,february 6,17,28,march 24,26,april 10,27,28,may 7,8.june 27,july 17,21,august 20,22,sept5,30,october6, november 3, 29,,december6,10,15 are unlucky to work out the oracle. Also it’s not well to t

Confession Of A 'Carefree' Soul

She has been waiting for her son from the time she saw this pretty girl in last navrathri puja,whose family fortunately turned out to be one of acquaintance of her. ‘She is a perfect match for raul’, she thought. Sheela is a very heretic, quiescent kind of women, who brought up her son with lot of love and prudent manner after her husband expired.. From that time, she had been working as a math’s teacher at St.Teresa Model School. She believed, this time which seemed interminable is going to end, once her son brings her, a daughter in law. In a country like India, parents especially women build this thing of seeing their children getting married soon and dream of seeing grand children playing in around home. Sheela belonged to such cohorts. He arrived at the door, when she was done with making rosogolla,roshoboti,mishti and many eatables and arranging them at the dining table for him. The fog of excitement that had hung over the house from last few days at last dissipated quickly after

Blogger Interview # 3 Shruti Singh

I speak of days, perhaps around a year back, when I had first found Blogger Shruti's blog The Track I Am on which is now termed as Lithium, after the name of the blogger 's favorite song. But the name may have been changed, the essence, the darkness the beauty of it, remains intact even till this day. I had written a review on the blog as well, and its available here at Orangy at th is addres s. Let's run through the interview now: 1) Tell our readers a bit about yourself. I'm presently in class 12. A hard core Evanescence fan, I can do almost anything to attend their concert. Writing has been my companion since I entered my teenage. I started off as a really bad writer (trust me on this one). But with time, experiences and exposure I have grown. I like being effervescent most of the times. And I hate myself when I go through the writer's block! 2) Some words about your blog/ blogs. My blog is my baby and I'm not ashamed to use this word for it. It is my part.