As I left...

As I left

She was standing by the tree

Her big wet eyes staring at me

She tried, but could tell not a word

She looked up, praying to the lord

And I left

As I left

The road cried as I stepped on it

The clouds rumbled as I took the street

The air whistled through the bamboo woods

I walked past, as my mind broods

And I left

As I left

The moon hid behind the cloud

The lark screamed pretty aloud

The drops of tears left her eyes

As she looked up into the skies

And I left

As I left

Something broke in me, deep inside

As I leave alone my newlywed bride

I wanted to too, but I did not cry

But she did, as she bid me goodbye

And I left for the border – as my motherland calls for me…

A Tribute, to the Kargil War Heroes!!


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