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Reality TV...taking it too far?

Hi all,

There has been a huge uproar in Parliament over the controversy generated by reality shows like Such Ka Saamna [Face the Truth]. While this session of Parliament is for debating the budget, our politicians are doing what they do best; digressing from arcane and not-so-people related topics to ones that can be easily identified by their constituents. While their actions are not pardonable, they seem to have raised a valid point.

Reality TV shows in general seems to be catering to our dark sides. From encouraging people to 'voluntarily' disclose sleazy facts about themselves to blatantly showing how different individuals feel about each other(and in the process getting them to spew out a few vulgarities!) to clearly placing the participants in harm's way, anything goes for reality TV. It is this perversion for catching as many eyeballs as possible is what has seemed to create all the furore.

Now big question is where do we draw the line and who does it? Who should be the regulator? What should he/she/they do? What should be considered as matters within the private realm and what can be made public/aired? We find ourselves in a familiar situation. So many questions and so little answers.

I am personally for self regulation. The onus of restricting what should and what should not be shown should lie on the broadcasters themselves. In fact, I am sure that this is what these organisations would want too. Now that they have been used to so much freedom, they certainly would not like 'Big Brother' looking over their shoulders, would they? [Off course these organisations would be dead set against even self regulation but somehow we have to convince them that it is the way forward] Moreover, i am certain that there will be at least one good human being among the thousands in those organisations whose wiser sense will prevail and sanity restored with respect to content of reality TV. This will also encourage responsible content generation and will pave the way for a independent yet responsible broadcasting.

Off course, the government could take the role of a 2nd class regulator and step in and take on these broadcasters if things go too far. Or we could have a independent body, consisting of all sections of the media, play regulator. But the downside of this is that vested interest might creep in and play spoilsport.

What are your thoughts on this?


Shruti said…
hi bharathi!
read Your recent post and i guess am the first one 2 comment!
People who take their private lives to public is an volunteer action!
The first thought that comes to their mind is that they are gonna appear in TV and millions are gonna watch it and gonna listen to their comments.
even if govt. acts as a second regulator to these things,it lies on the individual to realise!
it depends on their conscience!
hope am correct in ma views!
am i correct Bharathi?
Ham Actor said…
my views are here
Unknown said…
@shruti...i am palaniappan and not bharati!...

yes it is done voluntarily but we must also analyse the ramifications it has on general society....

@siva...will drop by your blog when i have more time....

btw my personal blog url is

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