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Blogger Interview # 4 Gauri Mathur

Gauri Mathur is a friend and an avid blogger who entered late into the blogging world, but neverthless has rocked it, with her astounding personality and mystic nature. No wonder, her blog is named Unpredictable Life. Some questions she answered for us :-

1) You are into active blogging today ad blogging is said to be a virtual version of a personal diary. Did you ever maintain a personal diary? Tell us something about it and differences between the two:

It’s absolutely right that blogging today has become the virtual version of personal diary. I myself have maintained it and I guess maximum number of people do. Maintaining a diary is always very integral part of someone’s life. Whatever secrets are written it’s totally between the writer and the diary but ones it is showcased as blogging its no longer can be termed as Integral because it becomes very public. Then there is another variation between the diary writing and blogging. When ever we write a diary, we write with the flow, it hardly matters that what we writing, and how’s the way it is coming out. We are totally venting out our thoughts, emotions. But in Blogging, a person becomes very conscious and cautious. S/he has to take care of all the details, has to concentrate on its fluency, its presentation, etc. It becomes more of commercial rather than personal (till the time its not been privatized).

2) Some words about your blog/ blogs.

Italic I became a blogger in 2007, though I was partially active but that was the initial year when I got into it. Then in 2008, august, I made my personal blog which I named as Unpredictable Life ( and from that time I am an active blogger. All the credit goes to a very dear friend of mine in whose influence I entered this blogging world. And now very proudly I can say that I successfully able to make a name in blogging world though not a high profile name but surely of my satisfaction.

3) Blogging as a medium is often used for venting out ire, grudges, narration of love and heart breaks and sad romantic tales. comment.

Its quite justified, venting ones emotions in the blog. As now day’s blogging is considered the other version of personal diaries. People are free to make use of this platform in any ways. Some use it personally, some use it professionally.

4) Tell us, generally, what kind of role does aesthetics play in blogging. Does the presentation of a blog matter a lot?

presentation means a lot in the blogging world as it adds to Blogger/s interest by increasing the readership.

5) Any plans or wishes to own a personal website one day?

No plans, yet.

6) Your favorites:

Blog: There are many blogs which I generally read, in fact whenever I get time to go through blogs I go through them. So I guess naming a few here will be acting like bit partial with them. Therefore, mentioning none.

Blogger:As I said that there are many blogs I go through, and there are many bloggers I love to read. Mentioning handful of name will not be a right job to do.

Blogging platform (blogger/wordpress/etc): Blogger, anytime.

7) Something which you always wanted to do/write on your blog and never did or wish to do on a later date :

Till date there is nothing like which I wished to post and couldn’t post. I am a very random, spontaneous person write whatever feels like. I write for myself and that is what I like about me. It doesn’t stop me of writing things. I write whatever I feel like.

8) Describe a positive and a negative change blogging brought into your life.

Am naturally inexpressive person and blogging has helped me to express myself more, it has also given me a habit of writing consistently and also enhanced my creativity. In fact it teaches a sense of responsibility.

There is no such negative thing I ponder about blogging, because till date I have experienced nothing negative about it.

9) An ideal blog according to you would be?

According to me ideal blog is a blog, which connects with the readers. This is the primary aspect of the ideal blog. Then secondary aspects can include: presentation, fluency, consistency etc

10) Some words for our readers please:

There is only one thing I would like to share it with my readers, i.e. Blogging is the very good medium of communication, Learning and knowing oneself and venting out ones hidden emotions without any fear. It helps ones to get rid of various inferiority complexes, insecurities and boosts ones confidence level.


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