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Content adaptation

Small is big, is the mantra for our generation. It is taken to be the gospel truth; hence it has been followed strictly. And the result is for everyone to see. Everything is shrinking. Be it clothes or websites.
For websites to get smaller is not a feasible option, but to enable it on a small device, definitely is! And so it has been done. Personal Digital Assistants or PDA’s can now allow websites to be displayed on their screens and be worked on. And the process of shrinking the website from our computer screen to the PDA screen is what we call content adaptation.
Simply put, content adaptation is the process by which content is made adaptable or suitable for other devices. It often branches out into media content and web content. And this content is what is reformed and made adaptable for the small screen thriving in the palm of your hand.
While one may not put much thought to it while using or browsing the data on the mobile phone, content adaptation, indeed has had a historic beginning. It is gaining momentum and will very soon dominate the entire internet market. The end is nowhere in sight and will not be as long as mobile phone screens stay small.
Websites have to launch mobile-friendly versions for them to work on the PDA’s but some cell phones such as the I-phone, have websites that are specially modified for them. Reason being, that specific phones, such as the I-phone cannot comprehend the mobile friendly version of certain sites.
People may introduce complex devices like the Blackberry and the I-phone, but nothing is going to stop content adaptation to work on them. Mobile internet is the next big ‘thing’ in the world of the internet and nothing can stop it from spreading like the virus!


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