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HC Verdict

Hearing about the verdict in favor of the homosexuals in Times Of India, i happened to read most of the readers comments. Many people against the verdict made statements like -- 'Its against nature', 'Against god's will', 'We r leading the youths in wrong direction', 'Immoral' etc etc

On reading these i would like to ask people who did ever decide what - 'The will of nature is?', 'God's will?', 'Immorality is?' It is 'we people' who years ago decided to give things and phenomena around us names and take decisions. 'We people' gave names like plants,trees,bushes,clouds,house, etc etc. Someone in the past observed trees grow 'up' the ground and roots 'below'. We are conditioned to think 'up' and 'below' are as we have learnt and seen. But what if in history the words were the other way round? We did probably say that trees grow below and the roots up. Similarly we decided what the will of nature is, what is god's will and not the other way around. I firmly believe every individual has the right to live life the way they want to and no one has the right to question them because nothing has ever been defined by nature. Rather people should concentrate on other matters like rape, pedophiles, domestic violence, human abuse, poverty etc which causes distress to humans .If people are so worried about going against nature or god what about the issues i just mentioned? Aren't rape, domestic violence, killing people against nature/god's will? If people think the world is going in the wrong direction is it not their duty to make it a better place by doing their bit in eliminating poverty or providing education or doing something about our degrading environment.

So people before you make harsh statements, look around you, think, there is a lot more to be done than simply commenting and deciding for others.

'I need no warrant for being, and no word of sanction upon my being. I am the warrant and the sanction.' -- By Ayn Rand



Sachi said…
i agree with you.. hypes are being created,,, these kind of stuffs gt more exposure that it deservess

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