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The Mayhem at Uttrakhand this June of 2013

First, they feminized rivers. Then they said, "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" Then they forgot to connect the obvious dots. Recently, rains, followed by a cloudburst or two, caused a major havoc at Uttarakhand, a Northern state in India. UK, as I fondly call it, is a beautiful place. It is also a Devbhoomi, a land of many Gods, temples, pilgrimages and also the place where Holy Rivers are at their very best. The rivers mainly being Ganga and Yamuna. It is here in UK, where the Britishers built the hill station of Mussoorie. Again, in Rishikesh, another district of UK, many foreigners like Steve Jobs and Rock Bands like Beatles come to seek nirvana or learn Yoga or just to do what tourists do. Technically speaking, each Hindu has to land here for upon cremation, the ashes have to immersed here in Haridwar, another place in UK popular amongst visitors. The list goes on and on. Basically, you can stay there for months and discover yet a new place that

Shall we mourn the death of languages?

I say, languages are like water. You travel a few miles and the water is different. Same is with languages. But, like civilizations and culture, languages too evolve. Many die a slow death. Some are merged into another dialects and languages. So, why are we discussing it here? Darwin’s theory should apply to languages too. That which will be the fittest shall survive. Right? I am a very practical person. So yes, my practical thought says, languages have to evolve, have to change and even die. How would a truly globalized world happen, if we all keep sticking to our regional or local dialects? How will knowledge flow smoothly? Look at how English is helping connect so many people with each other. Most of the governments in the World recognize English as their first or second or even third language. Most of the companies recognize English as their official language. It makes life and career so easy. So it is a good phenomenon. Let the languages compete and the winner shall be accept