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Barkha Dutt amidst a shocking controversoy

Media people have been often accused of being biased and partial. Many a times, they organize glittering award functions and hand out award to politicians, who in turn recommend them for government awards like the Padma awards. But, Open magazine's claim that Barkha Dutt, managing editor of NDTV was seemingly involved in deals, to sew up Congress and DMK alliance in May 2009. In fact she played the role as a mediator and even discussed what portfolios who will get, and details of the deal. If you listen to the tapes here , you would be sure that it is Barkha's voice. We hear from her all the time, when she is on the news, so it is unmistakable that it is her voice. But it is shocking to note that a senior media personality is involved as a mediator between deals of two political parties. It is blatantly clear that she is a congress agent, and her being an impartial media person is out of the question. These varietyof tapes aggregating over 30 , clearly prove that Barkha Dutt wa

UN Politics: The Sweeter, the tougher

Obama's state visit to india is largely a success- more for yankees and less for indians. Obama came here as a salesman in disguise and was pretty successful in his pitch. He signed 20 different deals worth US $10 Billion. india is buying all kinds of stuff from US starting from Military transpost aircraft to passenger aircrafts to jet engines to oil and gas equipment. He claims that he created 53670 jobs for americans. Well quite true! But most of the americans still think that india is taking out their jobs. As obama pointed out, these are "old stereotypes and old concerns ignore today's reality". But what india got? Nothing solid but assurances that US will back india's quest for UNSC permanent seat and will use its leverage on pakistan to bring 26/11 responsibles to justice. Out of these two,UNSC is definately more important and interesting. 26/11 is gone and Ajmal kasab has already been through trial and the world knows that pakistan is now the epicentre o