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My first blood donation experience

It has been quite a while, since I had included donating blood in my things to do, before I die list. I don't earn much, and whatever I earn I splurge in vanity. That leaves almost nothing for charity and I never like to donate cash, anyway. But blood donation is different. Money, the charity people can corrupt with. But I don't think they can swindle blood. Even if one fine day I realize that they were selling my blood for money, well someone needy would surely get it. It is with such thoughts that I was one day surfing around the net and came across Salaam Zindagi foundation, an NGO working for Thalassemia , by conducting blood donation camps. I recall that at that time, I had filled out some form or something, indicating that I would be willing to donate blood. Now, many months later, few days ago I received a sms from them to come down for a camp. Then I got a call from Mr. Nagi of the organization, who told me that it was the third annual day of their NGO on 13th of Feb,