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My first blood donation experience

It has been quite a while, since I had included donating blood in my things to do, before I die list.
I don't earn much, and whatever I earn I splurge in vanity. That leaves almost nothing for charity and I never like to donate cash, anyway.

But blood donation is different. Money, the charity people can corrupt with. But I don't think they can swindle blood. Even if one fine day I realize that they were selling my blood for money, well someone needy would surely get it.

It is with such thoughts that I was one day surfing around the net and came across Salaam Zindagi foundation, an NGO working for Thalassemia, by conducting blood donation camps. I recall that at that time, I had filled out some form or something, indicating that I would be willing to donate blood.

Now, many months later, few days ago I received a sms from them to come down for a camp. Then I got a call from Mr. Nagi of the organization, who told me that it was the third annual day of their NGO on 13th of Feb, and that I should come. So, I went their and it was a good experience.

I recommend all to donate blood every three months. I inquired from Mr. Nagi at the venue more about thalassemia, to increase my knowledge on the subject. He told me that these children for whom the NGO is working for, are poor kids, who need blood transfusion periodically, after every 15 days or so. This is because of some bone marrow problem and the fact that their is a shortage of blood cells in their body. The treatment is so expensive that some parents had even abandoned their kids.

Although such children were supposedly present i the function, I did not show any inclination to meet or greet them. My funda was simple. If I my blood means something for someone, take it. But it should not pain. The para medics tried to make fun of the pain thing, and told me that the needle would definitely prick. But it did not hurt much, and as a paramedic had advised me, it does pain a bit in the start, but you feel good after donating.

And I don't know what relation it does have with the valentine day, but they did give me a red rose along with that certificate that they give to the blood donors


birthdaysmsin said…
I wish I could donate blood was really worth it. But after what happened the first (and only!) time I ever donated, I can't donate any more =(

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