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Zat- Tag

Copied fro m Richa's Bare Twaddle . Its been a while since i ever did a tag. 1. What does your user name mean? tushar. means the first dew drop of the morning. 2. Elaborate on your user photo. i keep changing it. This one was clicked near the bonfire lit during Lohri. 3. How many comments do you have? huh,,,, boring ques. 4. What's your current relationship status? Single 5. What exactly are you wearing right now? A peacock colored shirt and grey denim jeans. The last time i am wearing those pair of denims. 6. What is your current problem? Life 7. What do you love the most? my principals 8. What makes you most happy? seeing those i love, happy 9. Are you musically inclined? Yes 10. What would you do if you woke up one morning and found out you were on cocaine? I will try to figure out a way, to avoid any hang over, whilst enjoying the moments of being high. 11. If you could go back in time and change something, what would it be? lot of things. Lets not discuss the past. 12. If

A Reason to Pray...

My search goes on, seemingly vain… Traumatic times are a regular phase. For at each turn, I behold only pain. Oh why should my people see such days? I see my land bathed in innocents' blood… I fear her future is decreed thus bleak. As I await His light – the cleansing flood.  I remain entranced by this surreal mystique. I hear a moan, I hear a cry… The land is too blood-soaked to till. As we wait for it all to dry;  The twisted folk deem more blood, to spill! What times are these, which we live in…? Beneath clouds so dark and skies so grey. I listen’d to tales of the Devil’s grin… And unto  Frey , did I turn to pray. O Lord! May Thy rule stay Divine… For our hours on ye Earth are entirely Thine. I pray – as this sun sets in decline,  It brings peace upon this beloved land of mine! --- Ad majorem Dei gloriam

The day's Chitchat

SmS of the day Life is not about the people who act true to your face... It's about the people who remain true behind your back... Blog Post to read today Many people know that I wrote about a blog Ye ah Whatever on the voyag ing blog. Though the author writes in very small font sizes and I am not even sure whether this post is applicable to the people we mutually know, I liked this post. It has some negative shades which i usually discourage, but for once you should enjoy different stuff. So here is Blogger Espera 's list of The Top 10 ways you can be Annoying As Hell. And if this list inspires you to create a one of your own, do comment in and inform us all to read it.

Republic Day Event!

Happy Republic Day people! Wishes and dreams that flow on such an occasion in India often comes along with blemishes to humanity, to democracy and to Indian Constitution. Do you think of it? Do you get concerned? I would like to attract you to the mishap that took place in Mangalore, Karnataka on the eve on Republic Day. A group of anti social activists from the Sri Ram Sena stormed into a pub and attacked the women guests in there. They abused, assaulted, battered and beat up those women who were (perhaps) enjoying the Republic Day eve. I saw the news in the channels just before the Republic Day parade started at the Rajpath, Delhi. That was the first news of the day. I was shocked to see these inhuman spineless moving object (called Sri Ram Sena activists, supposed to be men) executing the assault. This is what is happening in India on the eve of 60th Republic Day. I am not concerned about what the women were doing there. I am concerned with the fact that people who have named th

Create Some Knowledge

T wo hundred years back we were the second biggest economy in the world and our economy was about 20% of the world's economy. Today we have 20% of the world's population but our economy is just 2% of the world economy. In contrast the US which was less than 2% of the world economy two hundred years back today is the biggest with a size of over 25% of the world economy. Why has this happened? Two hundred years is not that long a period. But during this time the fall of India has been drastic. Also importantly how do we get back to our place of eminence in this world? There are many reasons for our downfall since 1800. We can argue that one prominent reason is British rule. But I think the main reason is that we have stopped creating new knowledge. I have given some numbers on who are the creators of knowledge in this world here . Today we have the largest pool of science and technology qualified people in the world. But our contribution to the knowledge of the wor


Saturday, July 07, 2007 Suicide I learned this word when i was a small kid listening to "veeru" of film Sholay as he was shouting suicide...suicide..suicide...and I learned the meaning of suicide over the period of time...I have heard many opinions about suicide,,, many condemned it as an act of cowardice...some say its an act out of utter desperation,,, we were always taught its a bad thing ... something week people do... Also...i observe a lot many cases of suicide these doing it because of problems with their land, crops, taken loans were taken,,, urban youth doing it for the sheer depression of their jobs,,, shouldntkids again for pressure of studies...peer pressure and depression...even am often tempted by this great idea of giving up life...but alas stop myself because of the ambitions I have to achieve..hehe I think suicide involves lots of courage...try slapping yourself hard once...u will realize how tough it is to hit yourself...let alon


Is Mumbai forgotten? Those terror struck nights of November 2008, when the whole country was burning along with Mumbai following the attacks by roguish Pakistan have cut deep in my mind to just forget them this easily. What happened after that? What about the candles and mourning over the death of the brave soldiers? What about all the evidence we collected against Pakistan? Is this not enough to just throw a war against them? How long should India wait? How many times do we overlook these filthy people of Pakistan? At present, India has all the evidences that trigger to the fact that the attack was done after a well planned Pakistan venture. The terrorists were Pakistani, their trainers were Pakistani and the whole terrorist group spreading panic is Pakistani – its proven now – the Indian Government knows it, the United Nations Organization knows it, the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA knows this fact. Then, why the hell are we Indians waiting? Why can’t we just declare war against these fa

Abolishing Child Labor in India will be a mistake....

Hi, I guess it's been a long time since i posted anything here or anywhere else for that matter. My hiatus partly was induced by my work and partly by some personal reasons. anyway keeping the formalities aside lets hop on to the topic at hand...  I know that the title of the post itself would have raised many arguments against it but please empty thy cup and hear me out a little patiently as I promise to be short, rational and certainly humane in all my arguments.  Q) Why is it that we talk of child labour and abolishing it ?  A) There is an age for everything and as far as a child goes the most appropriate thing for him to do is to learn, play, eat and sleep. A child is generally not expected to head on face the challenges of life and his livelihood needs are meted out by his parents/guardians. A child is tender and also mostly ignorant hence he is often harassed oppressed and taken advantage of, if let out on his own in this society. Child labor needs to be abolished to ensure t

Day's Special

My Blog Post of the Day - Ok here comes my first post here SmS of the Day: The Worst thing in life is ATTACHMENT. It hurts wen u lose it. D bst thing in lyf is Loneliness, because bcoz it teaches u everything n wen u lose it, u get everything.


Everything in this universe except God has its goods n bads... It just depends whose bads we can more comfortably accept.

hmmm- continued

First of all thanks to Tan, Richa and c'est la vie for their kind words. As it turned out, the friend, I was talking about, was not so distant because of new friends, but because of a special close friend. And to think of it, I was kept deliberately in the dark, lied, distresses and depresses me very much. One thing I hate a lot is dishonesty, falseness, deceit. And this happened, to a friendship, i so deemed to be very attached with. A friendship that was so fake, so artificial. As I realize now, every memory of our conversation, now stinks with lies, lots of them. I know, everyone would say, time is the best healer, I have to move on. I would have advised this to everyone and anyone myself. But the way, a beautiful friendship, which was nothing but illusions, as I came to know,ended so abruptly, the zest for living is now over. Over.

Who Is Building The Architectural Marvels of Tomorrow?

Name one beautiful building in your city. Most likely you will name something constructed fifty or more years ago. Most likely the building you name would have been built by the British or one of the erstwhile rulers of India. I have lived in Delhi most of my life. I have seen new buildings, roads, stadiums, flyovers, metro all come up in my lifetime, but I can count the post independence, beautiful buildings, using the fingers on my two hands. All the landmarks like Red Fort, Rashtrapati Bhawan, Parliament house, Qutub Minar, etc. etc. are from a bygone era. The newer ones like Akshardham, Lotus Temple, are too few. In fact come out any of these buildings and you are greeted by a mess all around. Architecturally pleasing buildings are typically old Maybe Delhi is an old city so let us look at Gurgaon. In the past twenty years I have seen Gurgaon come up almost from scratch in front of my eyes. Well there are a few architecturally pleasing buildings otherwise it is a nightmare. New bui

Happy Lohri

Happy Lohri the Jagruk people!! Lohri is a festival of kites in Punjab and it celebrates the departure of winters. So with this post, I guess, it is the time to say good bye to the slumber the blog has been into. Being an administrator (thanks to Tushar), I have come up with an idea or two to spread the awareness- the Jagruti. Here at Jagruti, we mean to have a platform to voice the opinions of youth of the country over the social issues. We are all concerned and feel strongly about those issues, and would want to stand against them and uproot them to make the air in our society worth breathing. We know, we are the youth and we can not only voice, but do things to create a difference. So, we have come up with a scaffold where the readers and members can post their queries, perplexities, and issues bothering them (for love problems, may be we can have another thread) and ask for solutions, advices and seek recommendations from the members of the blog. For beta purpose, we are starting


my friend last nite told me in some very hurting words that i acted like a possessive boyfriend rather then a friend because i advised her on a certain issue. Am sad because it is all because of her new friends. Since the time she has met them well you know the story and she hates the fact that I can be a philosopher

Ready to Make A Difference?

Toward the horizon I walked, Toward the horizon, Monsoon clouds hoarded. As the rain pitter-pattered, I walked on. The horizon came seem to come. The end truly wasn't never Possible still were amends. The more I walked, The more I realised, Over it wasn't. Each one can still do What we have to. We still can  Make a difference. Complaining about things or just wanting to do something isnt enough. It is time to get your hands dirty.  Want to make a difference? Here is the A-Z of social causes (compiled by  Karmayog ). Choose a cause close to your heart and give it your very best!!  A to Z of social causes A doption is critical to ensure that every child has the love and support of family life. Indian Association for Promotion of Adoption and Child Welfare undertakes programmes in adoption, foster family care,family support programme and educational assistance for underprivileged children and a child guidance centre.