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my friend last nite told me in some very hurting words that i acted like a possessive boyfriend rather then a friend because i advised her on a certain issue.
Am sad because it is all because of her new friends. Since the time she has met them

well you know the story

and she hates the fact that I can be a philosopher


яノςんム said…
ummm.. its okay being possessive at times u know.. tht shows how much u care, but wen it comes to being overpossessive, i say it is the ryt tym tht ur frnd has told u to maintain a distance, rather than loosing it forever..
Tan said…
Chill Tushar ... Life's cool ... play it cool ... if you meet new friends and start spending more time with them, your old friends may feel bad too and probably would tell you about it ... you may find it undigestable sometimes ... you may be unhappy too ...

Its all fine mate - its like how you want to be treated ... you should treat the other one just likewise...

And give space to everybody ... do not poke nose everywhere, where you are not supposed to ... If you are handled hurshly, you better stay away - probably, its not the exact place you would want to be ...

Well, I do not know you and nor your 'friend' and whatever I have mentioned is what I know/experienced ... You would always be the best judge of this situation ...

Have Fun and Cheers!!
c'est la vie said…
i completely agree wid 'tan'. juss 've patience. it happens. trust - now a days is not the only potion, and it's a reality, one has to become bit possessive in order to remain bit above the level.

but then, there's a very thin line between possessiveness and caring.

less said the better.

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